PREMIERE: Hard Target – All Day (Video)

Hard Target - All Day

Florida rapper premieres the video for his new single “All Day”, slated to appear on his upcoming album Joy Ridin.

Shot by Hard Target and Breadwin in Hernando County, Florida — before the pandemic broke out — Hard Target gathers his crew of misfits who get faded in the sun at an epic house party.

“Honestly, most of my albums always end up being very dark, angry, moody and deal with a lot of real-life struggles and issues. This time around I’m letting loose and having a good time,” said the rapper about his impending album. “A lot of people joked with me when ‘Chevrolet’ broke out last year that I had sold my soul to get a hit record, so I came in with the mentality that I don’t have got sh*t to prove to folks. I just had fun with it and went in trying to make some music you can pop in, press play and joy ride to.”

Joy Ridin is due out June 26th, via Dirt Rock Empire. Until then, watch the video for “All Day” below.