At 22, Jesse Neo, singer-songwriter, producer and DJ from Sydney, Australia, has made quite a name for himself. His debut 2017 dance track, “Sex Magic” was positively reviewed in several news outlets including The Huffington Post and RESPECT Mag. This eventually landed him with songwriting and composition contracts with record labels and YouTube channels.

However, the Australian singer has just given himself a new title: music technologist.

“Back when my music started to take off, I realized I was either on the phone or behind my laptop every hour of the day discussing about my next song,” Jesse explained. “It got to the point I couldn’t do anything else, and I knew something must change. Suddenly the idea of creating an online platform came to my mind.”

The platform, which Jesse named Gemtracks, started out as a simple online store where interested labels and companies could visit to browse through his beats and make purchases. Within months, sales were coming in grossing between $99 to $599 a day.

“I guess what set Gemtracks apart from other beat marketplaces is the fact that all the beats on Gemtracks can only be sold once,” Jesse explained. “The buyer then gets the exclusive master ownership and copyright transferred to them. This means they don’t have to credit me. I also get to push up the prices.”

Eventually, Gemtracks slowly became the talk among his friends in the industry.

“I remember a friend I met in a studio in Los Angeles encouraging me to turn Gemtracks into a public platform where anyone could sell beats,” the self-proclaimed music technologist said. “He justified that it was getting harder for producers to earn a stable income, and if there was a website that could help producers financially, it would surely be a big hit. So that’s what I did. I gathered up some producer friends and made it happen. These included Pedro Alexander, Johnny Glövez, Lucas Gold, Milana Leybovich and William Zarate.”

Currently, the bestselling tracks are pop beats and hip-hop beats. There are however a vast number of other genres that customers can purchase.

In the past few months, as the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, the visitors to Gemtracks had more than tripled.

“I guess as the whole world is in lockdown within their homes, everyone is coming to terms that the future of music production is online,” Jesse said. “This is why my goal now is to turn Gemtracks into the ultimate platform where musicians from any part of their creative journeys would be able to utilize.”

The singer hinted that there would be a feature to book recording studios immediately after a beat has been purchased, as well as collaborate with other singers and songwriters.


“I’m so happy with how Gemtracks has turned out,” the Jesse smiled at us. “The internet has grown into such a vital part of our lives that it’s amazing to see that it can be applied into different industries for the good of mankind.”

If this project sounds interesting to you, head over to Gemtracks to buy and sell beats.

You can also listen to Jesse Neo’s music on Spotify.