Get R. Kelly Diabetics Socks For Jail, Tested High Risk For Coronavirus

R. Kelly
via Nicholas Ballasy / Public Domain

Commonly known as R. Kelly, Robert Sylvester Kelly is a well-known American singer-songwriter, song producer, former semi-professional basketball player, and actor. In July of 2019, he was arrested on charges of alleged obstruction of justice and sexual abuse crimes. Some of which the talented songwriter even addressed in song.  However, recent medical paperwork has been withheld from release by Bureau of Prisons — medical paperwork that more than likely shows a diabetes diagnosis.

For those with underlying health conditions, like diabetes, COVID-19 is a much greater threat. Diabetics have been turning to easy treatments like diet control and diabetics socks for men to keep symptoms at bay.

A life-threatening diagnosis if R. Kelly has diabetes

If he receives a diabetes diagnosis, he is automatically at greater risk of experiencing complications related to the Coronavirus. Today, he is imprisoned at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago, Illinois. There, he is awaiting a trial for multiple charges against him, but processes have slowed down due to the pandemic.

In the first week of May 2020, he made a third attempt in court to be released from prison, but the judges turned his requests down, claiming that he’s considered likely to make an attempt to leave the country if he is released. Though, with no real financial backing, his lawyers claim that he would not be capable of fleeing. Concern for the singer is valid, as proper medical treatment is not available in prisons across America during the shutdown.

His attorney, Steven Greenberg, claimed in court that Kelly is “likely” diabetic [read here]. If he can’t be released from the correctional center, he at least needs to be offered some support and relief for his potential diagnosis and need for diabetic socks. Lawyers show no sign of backing down in defense of this case.

Diabetes relief and prevention

With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, many diabetics are aware of the greater risk associated with their disorder and are prioritizing their personal health by taking preventative measures against the dangerous symptoms that their chronic condition can cause. Controlling sugar intake is one way that diabetics can get a handle on their health. They often experience itchy skin, yeast infections, and decreased vision.

Other crucial concerns include prolonged healing for bodily cuts and sores and poor blood circulation, which can cause feet and hands to fall asleep. Poor circulation can lead to fast-developing foot swelling, pain, infections. In some extremely critical cases, ulcers and blood clots can develop in the feet before one recognizes the signs. With such large concerns, diabetics are seeking constant relief and peace of mind. Special socks are growing in popularity for their power in promoting blood flow to the legs, ankles, and feet.

With increased time at home, people all over America are investing in these new socks to help with their symptoms. Many users have reported that their foot health is newly under control and better than ever. The socks are designed with extra padding and even compression throughout. They do not cut off any circulation to the feet, and some even come infused with copper, which is proven to divert fungal infections. The socks come in hundreds of styles to meet different needs. With the market growing quickly, many beloved sock companies are developing diabetes-friendly versions.

R. Kelly needs diabetic socks

If R. Kelly has diabetes, he needs access to symptom relief. Reportedly, the famous figure is overweight and has additional underlying health issues like high cholesterol and blood pressure, which could further heighten his risk. Some believe that the Bureaus’ refusal to release medical records could be a sure sign of a positive test – meaning that R. Kelly has diabetes. In that case, he needs immediate access to medication and relief, as life in prison is uncomfortable enough. Even symptom-relieving socks could help to alleviate some of his sufferings.