Coronavirus Woes: Californians Protest Beach Closures As Unemployed May Seek Lawyers

Gavin Newsom
via Charlie Nguyen / CC-BY-2.0

Protesters are filling some of California’s most popular beaches; they’re outraged after Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent order for the renewed closure of all public beaches to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. While they were once able to take advantage of the states beautiful, sunny beaches. On Friday, May 1st, the governor re-announced that all state beaches would now be closed to the public. They were temporarily reopened, but almost immediately, leadership pushed the orders back on.

Protesting social distancing orders

Over the weekend, hundreds gathered at their favorite beaches wearing their bathing suits and no protective gear. They spoke out against the most recent beach closures and the state’s ongoing stay-at-home orders with signs and posters. Others brought their towels and umbrellas along, choosing to violate the orders altogether. Californians may be suffering the repercussions of a failing economy more than anyone else. Hundreds of thousands are upset with Governor Newsom’s choices, believing that he has not handled the pandemic effectively.

One of the largest gatherings took place outside the California State Capitol Building in Sacramento. The protests occurred while the governor spoke just a few miles away. Many donned Trump 2020 and chanted for Newson’s orders to be revoked. However, Trump left the decision making authority in the hands of each respective governor.

With millions out of work. employment attorneys are inundated with work as they venture to help financially burdened citizens. Citizens continue to protest the broken economic system. Yet, each day fresh unemployment lawsuits are filed and organizations are forced to battle complex legal issues. Many citizens have turned to paying an employment lawyer in California for assistance in navigating the legal systems. In a grim attempt to secure enough funding to make it to the end of the pandemic, an attorney may be the only way for some.

California Unemployment Rates

As of the final week of April, over 3.7 million citizens have filed for unemployment since the declaration of COVID-19 as a national epidemic. The systems for requesting and receiving funds are entirely online, but thousands have reported that the sites have become inaccessible; they’re broken due to an overload of requests. Phone calls are placed on hold for hours as people wait their turn to speak to a representative.

The state has already given out upwards of 7 billion dollars to unemployment filers, but that has proven insufficient. The state government has notified the public that $600 (per week) checks from the federal government are still on their way, but with the average rent in California totaling over $1,400, many will still continue to struggle to pay all of their monthly bills. And for some, the federal stimulus money has been delayed indefinitely due to unforeseen holds on accounts.

With adequate funding hard to come by, many are instead filing unemployment lawsuits against their previous employers. The role of an employment lawyer in California is to walk alongside individuals as they battle injustice within the system. Most often, employees who find themselves in similar situations will choose to pile their legal issues together into what is known as a “class action lawsuit.”

On top of this, lets not forget the California wildfires that took the homes and lives of many, barely  just over a year ago. (read here).  This near year’s pandemic is another hard hit on those just getting over the natural disaster.

The Role of an Employment Attorney

With hundreds needing financial relief, lawyers are busier than ever. The legal system is practically impossible for the average person to understand. That’s where an employment lawyer comes in. They assist individuals who have been wronged either by a past or current employer. Typically, their work would consist mainly of dealing with discrimination in the workplace. Recently, however, their role in trying to defend citizens looks much different. Employment attorneys see it as their civic duty to end the discrimination against or mistreatment of employees, and they will continue to work diligently until problems are fully resolved.

From protests on the beach to millions filing for unemployment benefits and well-known businesses filing for bankruptcy, the Golden State’s future is unknown. The situation may continue to worsen as there will soon be a continual flow of new unemployment lawsuits and legal issues added to the already overburdened economy. The government can only do so much to carry the weight of a national shutdown. Yet, if you’re an unemployment lawyer in California, work will continue to flow in as each week brings new obstacles.