First Listen: Tyler Thomas Goes Off With “Oh Lord”

Oh Lord - Tyler Thomas

After making much noise with his latest single, 2019’s, Dragon Ball Z-inspired “Kamehameha,” Tyler Thomas returns with his first single of the year, “Oh Lord!” Released Friday (May 1), Bryan Kitching-produced single grabs you right at the jugular and never lets go!  With a fiery flow and utter confidence, the “musical mensa” declares that this is his time and he’s ready to… “Go off!”

Over bass-hitting production, Thomas declares he’s willing to go all in for what’s rightfully his. With a unique style and flow, Thomas exudes the confidence of a veteran, making it known that he doesn’t play. Raw and unapologetic, he stays true to his artistry even rapping under his government name. Unbothered or unfazed, Thomas makes it clear that he doesn’t care about any opposition or what anyone thinks of him.

“I’m used to n*ggas lookin’ at me sideways

It ain’t how you talkin’, but your vibe say

You don’t know me, you already got your mind made 

Mama told me, kill a p*ssy n*gga 9 ways.”

Each verse tells Thomas’ truth reflecting on his hard work and grind as he makes a way for himself. He showcases such a high level of grit and authenticity that keeps you wanting to listen to more of the record. However, he brings this festival-styled charisma reminiscent of Travis Scott as he raises his tone rapping about starting a mosh pit until someone removes him from the stage.

While a new name to some, Thomas has already been making his mark for quite some time. Following the release of his in-your-face “Kamehameha” single, Thomas gained heavy attention from none other than Virginia’s finest, Pusha T. Along with other fresh faces, Thomas was handpicked by Push to be on the compilation album, 1800 Seconds. After hearing the track (and seeing the skill), Pusha then offered Thomas the opportunity of a lifetime by adding him as a supporting act on the last stop of his “Daytona” Tour, at the NOVO, in Thomas’ hometown of LA.

With a passionate fire blazing within, L.A.’s Thomas is definitely up next. While “Oh Lord,” sets the tone, this is literally just the start for what he will do in the future!

You can stream Tyler Thomas’ “Oh Lord” on all streaming platforms here!