704 Chop & DaBaby Feud? “Loyalty” Rapper Tosses Billion Dollar Baby Necklace

via Interscope / South Coast Music

There may be trouble brewing between longtime friends DaBaby and 704 Chop. In an Instagram Live video, a confident 704 Chop is driving around Charlotte talking some pretty harsh words to the camera. During the same video he shows off the Billion Dollar Baby necklace before tossing it in the backseat. This chain is a well-known present from DaBaby himself after signing Chop to his own label. You don’t need to read any online jewelry store reviews to know that piece is worth a lot to any normal person.

But what could possibly be going on between the two of them? 704 Chop has appeared publicly praising his mentor and wearing DaBaby jewelry, saying they come from similar backgrounds. In an interview on the streets of his city, Chop gave some background into how they clicked:

“I hang with people that have been through what I’ve been through. Baby, he done been through what I’ve been through, he done been f*cked up, he done been homeless with no home, so he understands what it feels like to be me while trying to maintain his image. What people don’t understand is that you’ve got to maintain an image even when you’re f*cked up when you rapping…”

He also spoke about how DaBaby jumped on the opportunity to recruit him for his label, despite Chop’s jail troubles.

“He does everything spontaneously, bro whatever they feel like doing he’s gonna do. I would’ve never known he was gonna sign Stunna, and some people don’t say what they’re gonna do until they do it.”

“He got with my old manager, he called and asked him what he was gonna do with me and being that I had just came home and we all in the f*cked up situation, I kind of with me going to jail, you know a lot of sh*t got f*cked up, so we needed another avenue for how we were gonna push our music.”

Throwing Out the Chains

But this great respect that he had toward DaBaby wasn’t apparent on his live video. As he’s driving around the city, he starts off by saying he has to address the people, his followers:

“I gotta get on here and holla at the people though. Y’all start worrying about your own sh*t, worry about this fire ass sh*t I just put on y’all.” He then lifts up the DaBaby jewelry and shows it to the camera and says: “Don’t y’all worry about… Don’t y’all worry about…” and the tosses it to the backseat. Unfortunately, his fans won’t be able to find this chain in online jewelry store reviews since 704 Chop decided not to throw it out the window.

Chop then goes on a rant saying: “I buy my own sh*t, I cut my own chains, I wear my own clothes, don’t buy nothing from it. You ain’t gotta post my sh*t. I ain’t trying to do no features with nobody… King of the city, you know what it is.”

This may hint at some business disagreement between Chop and DaBaby, but could it mean dropping the label completely?  It’s not going to effect the Billion Dollar Baby CEO’s pockets much, as he’s got multi-million dollar publishing deals and sponsors (read here).  However, 704 Chop will take a big set back.  He’s going against the industry machine now behind DaBaby. Beyond this,  Chop’s also  going to have to climb a hill, his former CEO’s already done.

Respect from Charlotte

No matter what the situation is, we know for a fact that there is some real respect between the two Charlotte-based rappers. When asked about how he felt after being asked to join DaBaby’s label, Chop said:

“In Charlotte we don’t do that famous sh*t, bro. We don’t care about you being famous, you gotta be a real ni**a bro. So he addressed me as a real ni**a.”

And while the DaBaby chain is definitely something most jewelry experts would consider valuable, Chop’s wisdom could be even more valuable:

“You gotta be ready, you gotta be a business minded person, you gotta be focused. If anything is already distracting you before you try to do it, it isn’t gonna happen for you, you gotta be focused, you gotta know ‘that’s what I’m gonna do’ and ‘that’s where I’m going’.