The Right Tips To Style Cargos With Sneakers

Cargo pants

Your sneakers are meant for more than just the gym… and people are styling them with Cargo pants as well. It might sound a little weird at first, but when you go through the looks that can be styled with the combination of cargo and sneakers, you’re going to be awed!

From casual lifestyle to red carpets, you’re going to spot this combination of sneakers with cargo pants everywhere. Read on to know how you can do it right.

The Summer Casuals

Do you have khaki-colored cargos? Well, if not, and you’re planning to make a statement with a look this summer, get one right away!

Khaki colored cargos are an ideal choice for daytime activities; you can pair them with polo t-shirts. Wearing white or mixed shades of black-white sneakers with it will make you look handsome and laid-back.

This outfit won’t let you down.

Cargo pants

Further, in summers, a combination of a white crew-neck t-shirt and cargo pants spells versatility and comfort. When it comes to the shoes, high top sneakers can be your choice to look sexy and hot, just like the weather ;).

“Walking the dog type” casual

We all know our dogs can be pretty persuasive  at times. They would be scratching the door to let them out for a walk. At such times, you need something that’s quick and easy to put on. However, it’s imperative to look good also, isn’t it? Fast fashion, we’d like to call it!

Dark coloured cargo pants with fewer pockets can act as perfect apparel for the night or even day strolls. You can pair it with either a dark V-neck T-shirt or a light-colored t-shirt. Don’t forget to put on a leather jacket. Complete this casual look with your favorite walking sneakers.

Cargo pants

Trust us, leather jackets and cargos over sneakers will make you look fabulous and sexy.

While your dog will get girls to talk to you, your choice of clothes will ensure you make a great first impression!

Taking a Hike

Tactical Pants, the form of cargo that’s actively worn during an adventurous trip, is quite comfortable and trendy. When you look at it closely, you’ll know, the cargo pants were initially introduced to be worn around nature only.

They’re highly practical for hikes and outdoor activities.

A dark cargo, a woolen sweater, along with high top sneakers,  is perfect for a hiking experience.

Basic Rules for wearing Sneakers

No matter what type of sneakers you wear, there exist a few basic rules of wearing them. Let’s list them down to  help you ace your look:

Always purchase the sneakers that suit your wardrobe

There’s no point in buying sneakers that won’t suit your wardrobe. Even if specific sneakers are a hype in the market, that doesn’t imply you should purchase them. If and only if they suit your wardrobe, then buying a pair of sneakers will be a sound decision.

You might be a Yeezy lover. But hopping on the trend train might not be a very sane decision in the long run.

Always wear them on the right occasions

Although sneakers are incredibly versatile, they’re no substitute for dress shoes. It would be best if you always clubbed your sneakers with an off-duty outfit, some casual wear, or with unstructured suits. However, sneakers aren’t a perfect fit for weddings or smart office attire.

Being underdressed is still expectable. But don’t be overdressed; it’s a sin.

Always keep them clean

Hell yeah! Sneakers demand cleanliness.

Even if you have the most comfortable pair of sneakers, its effect will be lost if they aren’t’ spick-and-span.

If you go by the book, proper sneaker maintenance includes washing the laces, brushing the outsoles, eliminating odors, and using sneaker shields.

These are our suggestions on how a cargo pant can be styled with sneakers. If you’ve any unique idea or look involving the two, let us know in the comments section below!