What You Should Know About CBD and THC

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service / Public Domain

The legalization of cannabis in various states and countries has created a significant impact in multiple sectors. Many fields have benefited from the legalization of the plant and more reliable research is being done. The health, entertainment, and beauty industries have undergone significant changes due to cannabis. As we continue to discover more about the cannabis plant, there are new terminologies that you may have heard of, yet you do not know what they mean, and this is common. Here is what everyone needs to know about the difference between CBD and the controversial THC.

Chemical Structure

It is common knowledge that both compounds are from the same plant and they are slightly different as a result of their chemical structure. Their chemical structure is what gives them different properties that tend to affect our bodies when we consume them. THC, CBD, and the many cannabinoids found in marijuana can alter our body’s responses when ingested because they are chemically similar to the human body’s endocannabinoid system.

It is fascinating that both have similar compositions chemically, which consists of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen atoms. What mainly differentiates the two is the arrangement of the atoms they have.

Effects When Used

Marijuana’s psychoactive effect on its users is what has made a controversial debate on whether some countries should legalize it or not. Though both are present in the pot, what creates the psychoactive feeling that pot users get when smoking is THC. It can create a ‘high’ effect because it combines with the CB1 receptors in the body.

CBD is not psychoactive since it cannot bind with CB1 receptors. Since it is not psychoactive, it has made people view it more positively compared to THC. Many people can use it with no fear of getting the harmful effects that are present in pot. Besides this, CBD has been found to have numerous health advantages, and many articles and research from reliable sources support this. You can find cbd bud for sale yourself and are sure to benefit from what CBD flowers have to offer.


Perhaps many would like to know the legality status of both compounds to prevent situations where one finds him or herself on the wrong side of the law. Rules concerning cannabis tend to vary depending on the given country or state. Various states and countries have allowed the consumption of medical marijuana, and you are allowed to purchase any marijuana-based product with a prescription. Many countries have also legalized the use pot for recreation among adults. People in these areas can buy any cannabis products without facing any criminal charges. You must check whether the plant is allowed in your country before purchasing a product.


It is impressive how a plant that was once considered harmful to consume has been discovered to have many benefits on human health. The medical sector has received a lot of positive impact from the legalization of pot since more reliable research is being conducted. It is high time you consider giving the plant a chance to change your life positively.