Nicki Minaj Becomes Richest Female Rapper In History

Nicki Minaj
via Instagram / @NickiMinaj

Since entering the industry and signing with Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment in 2009, Nicki Minaj has carved a path for herself unparalleled by any of her peers.

According to reports (including the verified Young Money Twitter account), Nicki has become the richest female rapper in history, as her net worth has surpassed $100 million.

While details of that number was not broken down, she’s amassed her fortune through touring, music sales and streaming, a past gig with American Idol, and endorsement deals with brands like MAC Cosmetics and Pepsi. She’s also earned quite a bit from mere appearances. In 2014, Floyd Mayweather paid her $50,000 to appear at his daughter’s 14th birthday party; and in 2015, she earned $500,000 to perform at a bar mitzvah.