Double The Trouble: Lil Uzi Vert – “Eternal Atake (Deluxe) – LUV vs. The World 2” Album Review

If one album wasn’t enough, then how does two sound?! A week after dropping his highly anticipated sophomore album, Eternal Atake, Lil Uzi Vert has blessed the world yet again with the album’s Deluxe edition. Released Friday (Mar. 13), Uzi creates a completely different album within an album. The Deluxe edition appears in the form of a follow-up to the his iconic 2016 Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World mixtape. Entitled, LUV vs. The World 2the star-studded album holds 14 songs (which Uzi teased prior to its release), and features many artists such as Future, Chief Keef, Young Thug, Gunna, and more.

In this second half of Eternal Atake, Lil Uzi Vert instantly travels back to the carefree, fun days of 2016 (which Uzi hinted at on Twitter). Much like Eternal Atake, the album continues the theme of Uzi being this extraterrestrial being, set apart from this world. On LUV vs. The World 2, Lil Uzi Vert brings the flow, high energy, and charisma that we fell for in Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World and takes it up 5 notches!

On the album’s opener, “Myron,” Lil Uzi brings his trademark, melodious style of rapping mixed with singing over space-like, hallucinogenic production. Again, Uzi flexes his wealth, his money, and his way with the women. He delivers much of the Baby Pluto energy seen in EA. He talks his sh*t but backs it up without hesitation.

Stay so fresh, so clean, think they like me (Like me)
I wear more Supreme than a hypebeast (Than a hypebeast)
Only blue, no, green don’t excite me (Excite me)
I could make a h** out your wifey (Out your wifey)
Jeremy Scott up on my toes, act like Jacquees (Woah)

Uzi calls out the haters who bite his style often and reminds them of their place. He alludes to various metaphors as he raps about his material possessions. His flow is so vintage yet new all in one. As the song continues, Uzi’s confidence grows. He knows nobody is in his league and he makes sure they feel that.

As we transition into “Lotus,” the emphasis on external wealth increases. Loaded with verses referencing high-end, luxury brands, Uzi continues with his braggadocios, expensive verses focusing on his wealth. He goes so far to even stunt saying:

“Aventador, my doors, I lift ’em like, “Sure ‘nough” (Skrrt) I pull up in a Lam’, this not a Lotus (Vroom)

He taunts his haters telling them he can even lend them some of his swag since they want his style so bad. He’s cockier than ever and I love to hear it.

On the bass-crackling, Pi’erre Bourne-produced “Bean,” Uzi taps Chief Keef to pay homage to the late great, Kobe Bryant. In their first official collaborative record, both Keef and Uzi ball on their haters, call out the fakers, and showcase an unattainable level of wealth. Uzi warns sneak-dissers to tread lightly or he’ll have to revert back to “old” ways. Keef brings out that vintage Chief Keef appeal that had us going ballistic years ago.

Unlike EA, this project shines with a plethora of features. As we continue to journey through the project, listeners are greeted with more hot features such as the 21-assisted, “Yessirskiii,” the spacey “Wassup,” featuring fellow alien, Mr. Future Hendrix, and (the way too short) fiery Strawberry Peels, featuring Young Thug and Gunna. On each of these features, the guest artists slay the beat flawlessly. However, Uzi holds his own with them and still manages to mix both old and new styles in each of the songs rapping again about his sexual prowess, flashy lifestyle, and violent ways.

The album then switches for a brief moment giving listeners pure throwback Uzi on several of the tracks (“I Can Show You,” “Trap This Way (That Way)”). That pure old Uzi hops all the way out on “Moon Relate” From his cadences, execution, passion, and more, Uzi hops shoulders deep in his duffle bag and gets right to business. Produced by Danny Wolf, and Kid808, “Moon Relate” is an instant favorite! Uzi holds absolutely nothing back as he screams throughout the track.

Pain, I done got numb from the pain (Yeah)
All of these girls is the same
Who is the one to blame? (Huh?)
Nowadays, you not the same
I flood my wrist out today (Blaow)
I hit your girl in my Wraith (Vroom)

The stink face comes out as you Listen to Uzi bellowing about being numb from the pain, dealing with the same type of women, his possessions, and his riches. As the song progresses, so does his energy. You can feel the passion in his tone and you just want to turn this one up all the way to max. He continues this alien theme rapping about relating to the moon and not being from this Earth.

“Come This Way” displays that Lil Uzi Vert vs. The World appeal as he gets cocky. Uzi raps about taking anyone’s girl, having them cooking in his kitchen for him and making them his. He effortlessly flows over all opposition. Uzi is conscious of the haters in his life, and like majority of the album, he continues to poke at them. He gets descriptive about how rich with verses like:

Boy, I get so fly that I could’ve been a stylist (Yeah)
Undercover tee and Goyard all on my wallet (What?)
What I spent on Wang could’ve sent my bi*** to college (Ayy)
Alexander McQueen, Number (N)ine my jeans

For the last few tracks of the deluxe album, Uzi brings out even more top level features. Beginning with the hard, gritty, raw “No Auto,” featuring none other than Lil Durk, Uzi and Durkio both go insane. Lil Durk naturally sets the tone first with his hard hitting verse. He gets right in the face of all the perpetrators and fakers who try to pretend that they are hood. Uzi taunts them in the chorus rapping, “Oh you scared, huh? Oh, you p***y,” before going into his verse.

Uzi brings out the Baby Pluto persona talking nothing but tough sh*t following Durk’s lead. He calls out these lames who really think they are about the street life they talk. His bravado dominates the track as he even makes claims to running the rap game. He pokes his chest all the way out and declares that he is everything that these clowns wish they could be. He humorously toys with them, continuously questioning their goofy ways.

Baby Pluto remains on the scene as listeners move to the Young Nudy-assisted “Money Spread.” On their second collaboration, the trio of Pi’erre Bourne, Nudy, and Uzi bring the heat. Over this zesty, futuristic beat, Both Nudy and Uzi vividly rap about their sexual encounters, their vast wealth, and violent ways. The two mesh together well as we have witnessed before on Nudy & Pi’erre’s “Sli’merre” project. In “Got The Guap,” Uzi and Young Thug team up again with a harmonious rap flow reflecting about the fruit of their labor, even more sexual encounters, and of course, their success and wealth. This theme of fame, fortune, sex, and wealth continues with the album’s outro, “Leaders,” featuring NAV.

With both albums dropping just a week from each other, the next question is, what can’t Uzi do? From not even knowing if EA would even see the light of day to dropping both that album, AND this follow-up, Lil Uzi really proves that he really is not from this Earth. Not only did Uzi listen to our wants and needs, the man delivered those and so much more!

Whether you are a fan or not, you are wholeheartedly lying if you say there is not one Uzi song that makes you want to dance, scream, turn up, shoulder sway, or any of those things. Uzi has perfected this formula of vivid, fast-paced rapping on the topics of sex, style, fashion, materialism, pain, love, and wealth. He has figured out the lane that is for him and hits 100 on the dash every-time! His rapid machine-gun flow, eye-rolling charisma, and child-like sass is just so fun to watch and hear.

Honestly, it is great to see Uzi having so much fun with his music again. Not only is the music great, but it makes us as listeners happy because… he is happy. Fans and listeners alike can hear and feel the passion in his heart on every track. Only Uzi could literally both mimic the same vibes from his previous projects while simultaneously reinventing / perfecting his craft. Only Uzi could take listeners back to the careless Spring / Summer days of 2016. He manages to briefly distract us from the problems of life (even if for a moment) and just have fun!

As he ends the second half of EA, Uzi easily channels the emo, sad-boy rap-singing combination we have seen in the past; His emotions are even stronger, the verses hit harder, and the energy is truly at highest that it has ever been. I give the project a 8/10.

Now, if that was not enough for you, Uzi still has even more tricks up his sleeve! Apparently, the Hip-Hop Rockstar has even more collaborations in the vault. When asked about other songs with artists such as Lil Baby, A Boogie With Da Hoodie, and even Kodie Shane, the rapper tweeted that he has “different plans” for those records.

Congratulations on TWO amazing projects, Uzi!

Favorite Songs from Eternal Atake (Deluxe) – LUV vs. The World 2:

  1. Myron
  2. Lotus
  3. Moon Relate
  4. Bean
  5. Strawberry Peels
  6. Money Spread
  7. No Auto
  8. Come This Way
  9. Wassup
  10. Got The Guap

Honorable Mention: Yessirskiii