Out Of This World – Lil Uzi Vert: “Eternal Atake” Album Review

The eye-rolling, shoulder-swaying, sassy Hip-Hop Rockstar is finally back! If your first thought was the charismatic Lil Uzi Vert, then you are absolutely correct! Through all of the label battles, media chaos, album pushbacks, and more, Uzi has finally released his highly anticipated second studio album, Eternal Atake. Released on Friday (Mar. 6) as a surprise, Eternal Atake is follow up to 2017’s Luv Is Rage 2, and his first album in over 2 years.

Containing 18 songs, the album’s only feature comes from “The Internet’s” own, Syd. Don’t you worry; Uzi not only holds his own, but he makes it clear that he does not need to rely on features to create a great album. Unlike most artists, Uzi is actually extremely capable of floating over an entire album by himself. In actuality, it is what sets him apart. He brings this anime-styled, cartoonish, child-like, trap-Rockstar Hip-Hop that we often see mimicked by artists and rappers today. There is not one person who sounds like Uzi. While he may be often imitated, Uzi simply cannot be duplicated

Since arriving on the scene, Lil Uzi Vert has influenced today’s Hip-Hop sound with his emo, rapid-style of rap. He is not of this world. Eternal Atake takes this idea of being an alien and truly makes it into reality, taking listeners on a fun journey. The story begins with Uzi introducing us to a new character, one of his newest alter egos, “Baby Pluto.”

The “Baby Pluto” Opener displays this new hardcore persona of Uzi. Baby Pluto brings the machine-gun like bars, charisma, and ill flow. Baby Pluto is a pure savage! The confidence oozes through the album’s opener as he raps:

I stay with the baddest, I’m countin’ the cabbage
While makin’ my lady cum (Yeah)
I bought a G-Wagon, that sh*t was the BRABUS
That’s why I be racin’ ’em (BRABUS)

Utilizing quick, sharp-tongued verses, like a dragon, Uzi breathes fire on the track flexing his money, wealth, and sexual encounters. He brings this smooth braggadocios energy that is utterly contagious. As the story continues, we get more of Baby Pluto with other tracks such as “Lo Mein,” “POP,” “Silly Watch,” where Uzi just goes all the way off over bass rattling production. This side of Uzi delivers pure hard bars. It is literally as if he is not human the way he strings words together, and paints these vivid images that have you rewinding the tracks back. Baby Pluto stunts on his haters, flexes on the ladies who did not want him before the fame, and unapologetically puts them all in their place.

On “Silly Watch,” Uzi falls asleep with his foot on the gas! From production to delivery, the song is a BANGER. Again, Baby Pluto comes through with the flashy, cocky bravado, stunting on anyone in his way. Like a lethal snake, he strikes continuously throughout the song. Sinister and cutthroat in execution, Uzi gets right to business flowing about his materialistic wealth and encounters with various women.

Uh, I came in with a new 40 Glock
F**k on your b**ch, make that h** wanna Milly Rock
I’m with my boys, and no, we do not Milly Rock
Funny money, no, this is not no silly guap
Got a Richard Mille, this not a silly watch (Woah)

In the first 1/3 of the album, “Baby Pluto” blazes through, like a bat out of Hell. Another notable track arrives with “You Better Move!” Here, the story progresses as Uzi appears to be abducted by extraterrestrial beings. Attacking the bass-heavy production, he gets innovative rapping over a beat sampling the iconic 3D Space Cadet Pinball game (come on, that is genius!). Uzi again brings that unstoppable, rapid-fire flow that will have you making the meanest stink face possible. Only Uzi can reference Yu-Gi-Oh, the historic iPod vs. Zune battle, call himself a “Mother Goose” and make it all just flow so well.

Ending his appearance as “Baby Pluto,” the hard-hitting verses continue with “Homecoming” (a personal favorite of the album). Uzi continues to push harder on the gas. He mimics the same tenacity seen in the previous songs and only gets better. He continues this theme of sexual prowess, materialistic emphasis, and confidence. The flow on “Homecoming” feels nearly effortless. His charisma dominates the track. The production is flawless and meant to be played the utmost highest volume.

Moving forward, as we reach the second phase of the album, listeners are introduced to the second persona on the album, “Renji!” Renji is more compassionate, sensitive, and harmonious in heart. The story propels as we see Renji trying to escape and figure out where exactly he has been taken. The rap melodies come full force with tracks such as “I’m Sorry,” “Celebration Station,” and “Bigger Than Life!” Uzi eases up off the gas a bit, and switches his tone to incorporate a more song-like rap flow. However, he maintains his flashy style continuously rapping about his fly garments, whips, and wealth.

On the hazy, Chief-Keef produced, “Chrome Heart Tags,” Renji continues this theme of sensitivity as he flows about his this lover who brings him heartbreak and pain. The stimulating, trippy track sounds amazing! Uzi sings and raps his heart out. You can feel the passion in his heart as he raps about money, luxury, and high end brands some people merely dream of.

Renji focuses much on his encounters with women of his past. On “Bust Me,” Uzi reminisces over the women who once played with his heart that now want to be with him because of his status. He remains true to himself clapping back at all them who belittled him before he came up. The production is very futuristic. On Renji’s last appearance in “Prices,” he trades in sadness and gloom for flamboyant, expensive raps about leveling up financially! Sampling Travis Scott’s, “Way Back” track, Uzi gets in his bag proclaiming that his price has just escalated (and with an album like this, he is not lying)!

I just went up in my price (Price, ayy)
I just went up in my price
Money, my bank account, this sh*t precise (Uh)
I just went up in my price (Uh)

The last phase of Eternal Atake takes listeners back to their absolute favorite persona (that we fell in love with years back), the one and the only, Lil Uzi Vert! For the final tracks, listeners receive that trademark Uzi that had us falling for him when he first hopped on the scene. The final phase of the album brings is to the album’s final persona, Uzi. From seeing the aliens, to being abducted, and returning to Earth, he emerges back as the “Uzi” we know and love.

Beginning with “Urgency,” Uzi brings us that sad, emo style of rap which made him so popular. Tapping Syd for the album’s only collaboration, the two mesh together BEAUTIFULLY. The message is simple: Both Uzi and Syd are longing for, craving, and desiring their lovers. They thirst for the attention and love of their partners. It is one of the smoothest tracks on the album. Both musically and lyrically, the song is just a pure body of art.

As we transition to “Venetia,” Uzi reminds us that he is not from this planet. “Lil Uzi Vert, to be exact. And I’m not from Earth, I’m from outer-space,” he begins. Of course Uzi brings the gritty verses about getting new money, his external possessions, dripping in the latest luxury brands, and of course, charming the ladies. He even raps about having so much sauce that he can even make a gay girl turn straight. The boldness and courage he exudes is actually admirable throughout the album.

More vintage Uzi appears on the sequel to his previous hit, “XO Tour Llif3,” “P2.” Keeping the same flow of “XO Tour Llif3,” Uzi successfully delivers pure nostalgia with “P2.” There are not many who can flawlessly create a follow up that is just as good as the original (we’ve seen it with books, movies, albums, etc.), but Uzi makes it look so easy. Every listener will lose themselves as they hear Uzi reinvent the record that had us all singing our hearts out. He manages to make it feel like 2017 again and distracts us from our problems. In the song, Uzi raps about relationship problems, and being done with the relationship because there is no more love between the two.

I don’t really care ’cause I’m done
On the real, our love is not fun
There’s no emotion on my face ’cause I’m numb
You see me everywhere you look, no, you can’t hide or run (Yeah, Lil Uzi, yeah)
Woah, everything I said
Messin’ with your head, messin’ with your head

As we reach the end of the album, Uzi ends it with its second lead single, the feel-good, contagious “That Way.” Incorporating The Backstreet Boys’ iconic hit, “I Want It That Way” into the chorus, he sings and raps about not going out sad and staying with the winning team. Throughout out the song,  Lil Uzi Vert flaunts his riches and success in form of clever, witty bars that make you want to pop out with the eye-roll / shoulder-roll combo.

With everything that has led up to this very moment, every obstacle that tried to hinder the process, Eternal Atake is really worth the wait! To put matters into perspective, nobody thought this day would come. Through all of the setbacks, delays, battles, etc., it is truly a miracle that we are able to witness and enjoy this album. Listeners can actually see (and hear) that Uzi is in a much better place. It is evident that he is happy, having fun with his music, and it makes his listeners just as happy. It is something about Uzi where he makes you just feel… invincible.

While he is no Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Jay-Z, or J.Cole, Uzi is exactly who he is supposed to be… himself. That is the beauty in his artistry. He stays within the lane which he created for himself. He does not try to be anything or anyone else and that is why he resonates well with so many people. His flex lyrics, intricate production, and animated flow are authentic and raw. Like his previous projects, Eternal Atake will definitely continue to be played years from now.

I give the album a 8.5/10.

Not even a full week since the initial release of the album and the rapper is already gearing up to complete the album with a Deluxe Edition (and I cannot wait)!

Favorite Tracks from “Eternal Atake”:

  1. Silly Watch 
  2. Homecoming
  3. That Way
  4. You Better Move 
  5. Prices
  6. Urgency
  7. P2 
  8. Lo Mein 
  9. Chrome Heart Tags
  10. Venetia 

Honorable Mention: Pop