Driven Deliveries to Acquire Humboldt Heritage

Driven Deliveries (OTC: DRVD) announces the company’s letter of intention (LOI) to purchase Northern California-based legacy cannabis distribution company, Humboldt Heritage Inc. (HHI) and its subsidiaries Humboldt Sun Growers Guild LLC (HSGG) and Grateful Eight LLC (G8). The acquisition will galvanize a powerful, synergistic alliance between the two California based cannabis companies, resulting in California’s largest farm-to-consumer, vertically-integrated operator. Both parties expect the acquisition to add $20M to the company’s 2020 revenue forecast.

The Cali-strong alliance provides Driven Deliveries and its Ganjarunner delivery service exclusive access to 18 unique, NorCal brands including Cuba LibreLost Creek, Rambling Rose and Humboldt Edge Farms.

Moreover, Driven’s California-based customers will have access to products from more than 200 famed Humboldt farms. As the legal market spreads canna love throughout Cali, the foggy veil of the Emerald Triangle lifts ever so slightly to bring the best weed in the world down from them-thar hills

Further, Driven intends to leverage the brands the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild services, including its in-house brand, True Humboldt, family-run Sunrise Mountain Farms and women-owned Juniper into its Ganjarunner delivery service. 

“Driven looks forward to bringing Humboldt Heritage and the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild into our company portfolio,” says Christian Schenk, CEO of Driven Deliveries. “As a vertically integrated cannabis company complete with 90 minute delivery to 92% of California, distribution was the only missing piece to our portfolio puzzle. There is no better cannabis on the market today that can match the quality and consistency produced by the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild. This acquisition brings not only DRVD but also California’s cannabis consumers closer to the multi-generational, heritage farmers growing cannabis in the world-renowned Emerald Triangle.” 

DRVD intends to combine Humboldt Heritage’s distribution network with its delivery network to streamline operations for optimal efficiency.

“Humboldt County arguably produces some of the best cannabis in the world and Driven is honored and humbled that the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild chose to partner with our company. We intend to uphold its time-honored legacy and do right by all of our family farmers, as we welcome them to the extended family of Driven and Ganjarunner,” says Brian Hayek, President of Driven.  

“I was impressed by and appreciate the strength and creativity of the brands. For example, Cuba Libre’s amazing 1g, 2g, or 6g cannagars infused with live resin and wrapped with cannabis leaves are cured for months to be brown. The attention to detail and quality is remarkable,” notes a Driven acquisition team member.


Cuba Libre Cannagars for sale, by the Humboldt Sun Growers Guild. HSGG is being acquired by driven deliveries.