Cardi B Donated to Nigerian Orphanage While Touring Mother Africa

Cardi B
via Instagram / Cardi B

Cardi B has never been one to shy away from her political beliefs. Besides endorsing Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, she has also explicitly rapped about her political beliefs in her music. She is one celebrity that has received rave reviews for her authenticity and honesty in both her professional and personal life. On social media, she screams her thoughts and feelings. In television interviews, she’ll squeal or make noises for the fun of it, often to the confusion of her hosts. She seems to be a generally impulsive person, and people love her for it – that and her realness. In a late act of generosity, Cardi B donated to Nigerian orphanage Motherless Babies.

Cardi B Makes Waves in African Tour

While in Africa, Cardi has naturally been attracting a lot of attention, and not all of it has been positive. While the rapper and artist has been selling out stadiums and concert venues all over the continent, she has also garnered a fair amount of reproach for her feminist-forward, body-positive brand. Religious organizations have criticized her partial nudity onstage, and even called for censorship of her performances due to her perceived lewdness. Family organizations have also criticized her use of profanity and crude language, as well as frank discussion of sexuality within her lyrics.  Also, celebrities like Ghana’s social media star Haija Mona have been throwing shade because Cardi B didn’t check-in with all the celebs of each country.

While Cardi has earned herself some opponents among political fixtures in some African countries, regular people there remain devoted fans. Cardi B has a large following in many African countries – her tour would never have received the green light if she didn’t. According to local sources, the atmosphere surrounding her concerts has been akin to the holiday season in the United States. Everywhere, you see a frenzied see of excited fans and hopeful scalpers. Every one of her concerts often creates a sort of bazaar outside the venue, with people hawking anything you can think of. The young woman has likely created a fair amount of commerce with her presence alone. She also likely received even more brownie points with the people of Africa when they found out that Cardi B donated to Nigerian orphanage Motherless Babies. 

Cardi B Buys Out Grocery Store for Orphanage

While her tour was making its way through Nigeria, Cardi visited a local supermarket. While there, she proceeded to buy millions of naira worth of food – naira being the Nigerian form of currency. Once acquired, Cardi donated the provisions to the aforementioned orphanage. Initially, the act of philanthropy went largely unnoticed, but it has since produced a large amount of fanfare. This is natural – who doesn’t love hearing about a celebrity spending their wealth on children in need? 

Perhaps Nigerian political organizations will be more positive about Western pop stars after hearing that Cardi B donated to Nigerian orphanage Motherless Babies. Even if they don’t, however, female celebrities from the Western world often gain large followings in Africa. Cardi B will likely continue to maintain a relevant cultural presence in Eastern Africa, as long as she continues to hold a place in the hearts of its people.

Growth is apparent.  The “Bardi” rapper has come a long way since her days of throwing shoes at Nicki Minaj during NY Fashion week (see here).