CBDEE welcomes Dr Allen Manison as Chief Medical Officer

CBDEE.com, the largest online CBD Marketplace in the world, works closely with hundreds of producers to create a curated and trusted source for consumers and manufacturers to connect. Offering a plethora of products including those in the range of Beauty, Beverages, Edibles, Pet Supplements, Sprays and Topicals from over 80 brands, CBDEE is set to become the “the Amazon for CBD”.

Locals to Los Angeles have likely seen CBDEE’s numerous billboards advertised around town with the emblazoned messaging: “LA + Beauty + CBD = CBDEE” or the somewhat bold “CBDEE.com is where your mom buys CBD“. What we do know is that CBDEE.com are the absolute experts when it comes to the subject of CBD, its benefits, uses and applications.

To elevate CBDEE’s position within the Medical, Educational and Wellness division, the brand has partnered with renowned Chiropractor and Health Expert, Dr. Allen Manison of Columbia Advanced Chiropractic, LLC and Noetic Nutraceuticals, LLC, as the newly appointed Chief Medical Officer.

In his role, Manison will educate the CBDEE audience on the current literature regarding conditions that CBD can influence by hosting regular Q&A sessions on CBDEE’s Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn pages. In these sessions, he will answer a livestream of questions ranging from the positioning of CBD in our environment to its role in upregulating our endocannabinoid system, as well as conducting product reviews to enable consumers to have access to the highest quality products.

“I’m honored to be named the first Chief Medical Officer by CBDEE.com and am very much looking forward to working closely with the company to better educate the general marketplace about the benefits of CBD,” says Dr. Manison.

In addition to his extensive career in field of sports rehabilitation, nutrition and sports performance, Dr. Manison is working towards a Master’s degree in Cannabinoid Sciences at Jefferson University. He is currently working through the certificate programs of Medicinal Cannabis and Cannabinoids Chemistry and Toxicology.

Tune into CBDEE’s social channels (Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn), beginning November 2nd or Dr. Manison’s first Q&A session.