greenbox Robotics Partners with Solvent for Payment Processing

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greenbox Robotics, manufacturers of the world’s first robotic CBD and cannabis retailers, announced today a strategic partnership with Solvent for payment processing. 

“The CBD & cannabis industries continue to struggle with the issue of finding safe and reliable payment processing. Partnering with Solvent as the compliance driven payment enabler for our robots is a strategic and symbiotic relationship that adds tremendous value to our business,” says greenbox Robotics CEO Zack Johnson.

Incidentally, prior to entering the robotics industry, Johnson’s career incarnations also included selling weed and music industry A&R. Johnson gained notoriety by signing Sammy Adams’ record label deal for Boston’s Boy.

None of the former challenges associated with Johnson’s career in the music industry prepared him for the headache that is legal CBD payment processing.

The speed of payment processing is an absolute necessity, as each robot holds upwards of 25 SKUs and can handle a complete, multi-product transaction in under three minutes.  

The symbiotic relationship between the two companies will ensure combined and continual growth and success for both.

“Enabling forward-thinking and innovative companies like greenbox Robotics to create disruptive technologies hits the core of Solvent’s ethos. We are proud of what we were able to accomplish alongside the visionaries at greenbox Robotics. Their unmanned solution is a huge win for the industry and we are excited to be a part of it,” says Tony Richards, Solvent Co-Founder and CEO.

“Solvent is the only payment enabler that supports fully unmanned solutions,” says Ian Cathcart, Head of Business Development for greenbox. “Solvent supports all major credit and debit cards for CBD processing.” 

Additionally, Solvent was integral in helping greenbox obtain a bank account with one of their partner banks that accepts CBD businesses. As a result, greenbox is flourishing. 

greenbox Robotic retailers can be found across the country from Come Back Daily in Tribeca, New York City; to Downey Mall, in Downey, California; to Piggly Wiggly grocery stores in Stone Ridge, Wisconsin.