From LA to NYC: Is Kim Using Plastic Surgery to Look Like Beyonce?

Lil Kim
via Gwendolyn Lee / CC-BY-SA 2.0

Beyonce Knowles and Kim Kardashian West are two household names in the United States. Both women are known throughout the country, albet for very different things. Beyonce became well-known as the standout member of Destiny’s Child, the 90s R & B trio. After going solo, her work quickly positioned herself at the top of the pop and R & B charts, and now, nearly two decades later, she is still firmly in position as one of the icons of 21st century music.

Kim Kardashian West has a different story of upward mobility. After the release of her sex tape, her name flooded headlines across the country. After all of the attention, the young socialite released three workout videos that brought in plenty of revenue. This further enabled her to launch other beauty brands and eventually become a social media influencer of great renown. Today, she is an undisputed social media queen, with hundreds of millions of followers and some of the most successful beauty brands on the market.

Stolen Glamour

With two very distinctive brands, you’d think that Kim and Bey would be able to stay amiable and separate their fashion sensibilities. However, fans across social media platforms have been calling out Kim for years about her tendency to borrow Beyonce’s fashion looks. Whether it’s days, months, or even years later, Kim has proven herself capable of copying Beyonce’s looks, right down to the stitching. Whether in 2017 when she was copying Bey’s glitter body paint shoot, or in 2018 when she decided to imitate Bey’s 2011 turn in the famed belt leather Versace dress that Donatella famously debuted back in the early 90s. However, these days Beyonce fans across Twitter and Instagram are claiming that Kim is interested in taking the face right off of Beyonce’s head – right down to the “Jackson Five nostrils.”

Has Kim Gotten the Best Plastic Surgeon NYC Can Provide?

Kim’s face has definitely morphed over the years (see here), going from that of a girl next door type to an absolute supermodel. However, many fans question whether Kim’s looks are altogether natural, or if the famed Kardashian sister has achieved her good looks through plastic surgery. Kim herself only admits to having had Botox and “fillers,” but fans are skeptical. Kim’s nose especially is rather suspect, with the size definitely giving the indication that it has changed in size.

If Kim has gotten plastic surgery, she’ll definitely want to keep it a secret.  The beauty queen has formed a business empire based around naturally changing your appearance through health, fitness, and top-notch makeup skills. Advocating for plastic surgery is another way she could gain financially, partnering with a respected NYC plastic surgeon like Dr. Sachin Shridharani.    Her name behind an educated professional would make multi-millions, possibly in the hundreds.

You might ask yourself why Kim would even go to such lengths to look like someone else when she’s already famous for looking so good. By changing herself to look more like Beyonce, she can market her brand to a more diverse crowd. As is, there is the assumption within the beauty community that white-owned makeup companies can’t cater to the skin tone of minorities. If Kim establishes herself as an ethnically ambiguous beauty guru, then she can cater to even more of an audience while also rocking a tan.