gen!us Lauches the Original Jack Herer Collab

In partnership with the estate of the legendary Jack Herer, gen!us is proud to present The Original Jack Herer strain for brains.

Herer, known affectionately as “the Hemperor,” was a tireless, pioneering advocate for hemp and cannabis reform. Herer was an early believer in hemp and cannabis as valuable resources for food, clothing, fuel, medicine, adult-use and beyond.

With respect for Herer’s legacy, gen!us is producing authentic Herer flower, honoring a person whose life’s work was the basis for cannabis reform. 

“Jack Herer is a legend. Gen!us is honored to carry the torch for a man whose contributions made it possible for the entire industry to thrive. We are thrilled to collaborate with Herer’s estate to pay homage to the Hemperor,” says gen!us CEO Chris Clifford.

The Original Jack Herer debuted at the third season of Hall of Flowers, on September 18 in Sonoma, California. Herer’s heirloom strain comes in artisanal flower in beautiful, custom, glass jars.

“How is the legacy of what my father accomplished in his life –especially the flower that bears his name– represented by gen!us? The Jack Herer brand is legacy and will be around forever and the genesis of gen!us is young people with their minds focused on the future. I think it is a natural, solid fit,” says Jack’s son, Dan Herer.

The Original Jack Herer’s products represent true craftsmanship, with small-batch, top shelf, award-winning flower and concentrates. Beginning with naturally-grown, pesticide-free flower, that’s processed in state of the art manufacturing labs run by professionals with expertise in crafting artisan extracts — Herer’s formulation results in a premium experience for the ultimate cannabis connoisseur.

The Original Jack Herer will be available at quality cannabis retail shops, throughout California and the Gen!us Flagship store on Melrose (7569 Melrose Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046). gen!us is the exclusive distributor for The Original Jack Herer in Southern California.

A portion of the proceeds of The Original Jack Herer sales will be donated to the Jack Herer Foundation to support educating people about the various contributions of cannabis and hemp plants to humanity.