Cannabis and CBD Dispensing Robots Are a Thing

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New York’s first robot CBD dispensary has arrived.

Come Back Daily, cheekily named for the acronym CBD, is the first cannabidiol retail chain in New York City, with two location in Tribeca and the East village and a pop up in Columbus Circle. The retail company’s visionary leadership team of Steven Phan and Waseem Ghattas are known for taking innovative, pioneering leaps of faith into New York’s nascent market. They have surprised and delighted New Yorkers once again, by incorporating California company greenbox robotics into the mix. With two CBD stores in the hippest artistic neighborhoods, it makes sense that a major tech innovation would follow. Greenbox Robotics designs CBD dispensing robots. One of those “adorable” or “sick” robots (depending on who you ask) made its first sojourn to the East Coast, to debut exclusively at Come Back Daily in Tribeca, in August.

Zack Johnson, CEO of greenbox is fired up about this partnership. “Our robots are a big hit on the West Coast and can be found in some of the highest foot traffic dispensaries and CBD retailers, including Erba. When my East Coast-based Chief Communications Officer introduced me to the team responsible for “Come Back Daily,” I knew I had a great partner to launch with in New York City. Steven and Waseem truly care about their customers and in my opinion, have created the best CBD-focused retailer in the United States. Everyone at greenbox is excited to be partnering with Come Back Daily.”

The robot has crucial information about each product that it carries, to help its customers make informed decisions about what to purchase.