Kanye West’s “Yeezy Houses for Homeless” Demolished, No Building Permit

Yeezy Homes
via TMZ

The album “Jesus is King” is on the way from Yeezus. That is what has been prophesied by the blog world today. However, it’s another tale of the Chi-town legend that’s been ran over due to the “new album” hype. All pun intended of course. Whereas all is good with the album, Kanye West’s dome-shaped houses were torn down because no building permit was secured.

TMZ and Deezen are the only sites reporting this news thus far. However, aerial photos of Kanye West’s dome-shaped housing locations were obtained. This is enough to confirm, the unique houses are no longer standing.

Kanye West’s “Yeezy Houses for Homeless”

The “Yeezy Home project” was built on Ye’s 300-acre Calabasas home property. The unique, rounded architectural structures, were prototype designs of his building company. West hoped to create a low-cost yet stylish solution for housing the homeless in America. It’s another branch of the famous ‘Yeezy’ label that took over both fashion and the sneaker world in the last decade. He’s hoping to change the home-building world in the same manor.

Unfortunately, however,  the city in which he purchased his house nor his neighbors appreciate such a creative spirit. The construction of the dome-shaped houses created too much noise according to Kanye West’s neighbors. This led to his affluent friends calling the city to stop the Yeezy Housing project.

Yeezy Homes
via TMZ

After numerous  complaints and calls of concern, the city of Calabasas sent out inspectors to review Yeezy’s housing for the homeless. And while Kanye let them know it was just a personal project, not a real-time home, city officials were still skeptical. Because of the skepticism,  once the Calabasas inspector(s) saw that he low-income housing had a concrete base, the properties for homeless Americans was then labeled livable. Anything under construction to be inhabitable in Calabasas needs to be built under a construction company with a building permit. If there is no permit, it must be taken down.

The end result of the city officials demands were indeed the Yeezy dome-shaped housing getting torn down. It’s not clear if West did the demolition or the city. Hopefully he had insurance and knew the benefits of hiring a public adjuster. To lose all the money and time invested from the lack of a building permit is the equivalent of being hit by a hurricane..

Other Trendy Housing Trends

These bubble top houses by Kanye West are similar to the Atlanta Peace Tent or the TreeHouse of ATL. It’s a house with total different appeal and exterior appearance that Americans are used to. Deezen reports the “Yeezy houses” take inspiration from the billion-dollar film, Star Wars. The house has a rounded top with circular openings to let light in on visitor.

These houses are now reduced to rubble on the ground. The “All Falls Down” rapper has not spoken about the incident publicly. However, Kanye West’s “Yeezy Homes for Homeless” torn down , should give the rapper a new piece of knowledge.

West is not stopping with the project however to be clear. The site for constructing his ideas is likely being pushed to another site, unknown to paparazzi. More updates on Yeezy houses soon.

Next, Kanye West Jesus is King album

The Yeezy homes for the homeless project, are not coming without a rollout. It appears the rapper may release a new album soon as well. During an appearance  in Batesville, Indiana the rapper confirmed his new album will be titled “Jesus is King.” This runs parallel with the entire church service West has been providing to fans for the past few months.

West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, released a tracklist for the project. Track titles include “God Is,” “Baptize,” “Sunday,” and “Sweet Jesus.”

The new Kanye West album is supposed to be released in less than 2 weeks. The planned  date is Friday, September 27th.