Aussie Rapper Zheani Addresses Adversity on New Single “LULU”

Zheani - LULU

Aussie rapper Zheani made headlines earlier this year for a beef with popular South Africa group Die Antwoord, but returns to form with a brand new single and music video called “LULU”.

Named after a fictional character who refuses to allow negativity to drag her down, “LULU” is a bit different from previous efforts from Zheani. While fans have become accustomed to her dark aesthetic, “LULU” is bubbly and bright, and a little more pop-based, mixed with some trap. It’s all for a reason though.

“The track is empowering, encouraging listeners to look inside themselves and discover their hidden magic,” Zheani says of the song.

“LULU” also addresses some of the controversy and slander she’s endured since her public feud with Die Antwoord was sparked. In the lyrics, she references Marina Abramovic with: “Abramovic yah, but I’m a rap witch Biddy got some magick”. Zheani’s drama with Die Antwoord draws similarities to Marina’s 2016 situation, when she was labeled a “Satanist” due to her patrons being subjects of the “pizzagate” conspiracy. Like Abramovic, Zheani was also slandered publicly and labeled a “Satanic Prostitute”.

“Marina is the most influential performance artists of our time,” says Zheani, who adds that she “draws strength and clarity from seeing how such horrible slander and conspiracies were not able to harm Marina’s career and trajectory.”

Elsewhere, Zheani references Lewd Internet artist Belle Delphine, who lost 4.5 million followers last month when her Instagram was deleted after she was mass reported by involuntary celibates who were outraged over her refusal to engage in explicit content. “Belle Delphine, I’m a fiend Getting my dreams flicking the bean,” Zheani raps on “LULU”. Like Abramovic, Zheani’s journey has similarities to Delphine as well. Zheani has experienced censorship of her own on Instagram, with multiple instances of her social media platforms being shut down.

Despite the controversy and adversity she’s faced, Zheani is pushing forward. She is reportedly in the studio working on new music and “LULU” is a first taste of what’s to come. “I’ve been putting out very serious content this year and although necessary, it’s incredibly draining,” she says. “‘LULU’ was my artistic response to the pressure I recently felt. I’m trying to focus on positive affirmation rather than just being cold-blooded and dead serious 24/7. ‘LULU’ is the result.”

Zheani’s “LULU” is available now at all streaming platforms, including Spotify.