Slim 400 Hard As Concrete, Seals Mouth On Shooters, Talks On Himself

Slim 400

Rapper Slim 400 isn’t intimidated after being shot multiple times by gunmen. Recently, the rapper from Compton, CA updated his fans on his medical condition. On Instagram, Slim uploaded a pic of himself inside a hospital bed, as he recuperated from the numerous surgeries that saved his life after being fired upon. In the post’s caption, YG’s associate profusely thanks his nurses and doctors for tending him through his traumatic ordeal. In typical style, he also sends a message to the men responsible for his injuries.

“I wanna thank the staff at the hospital for helpin me shake back I owe y’all #Roscoes or #TacoMell 4 life & God I thank whoeva was poppin 4 buyn them shells at walmart I’m here 4 a reason Hol’Upppp,” Slim said in his Insta caption.

On the 28th of June, policemen were ordered to react to a crime involving gunshots in Compton, CA. Upon arrival, they found the musician lying on the ground covered in blood and with several gunshot wounds. Witnesses say an unidentified black vehicle driving away, but there is no confirmation as of yet that the passengers had any involvement in the crime. The artist was immediately brought to a hospital, where he underwent multiple surgeries.

The most recent altercation Slim was involved with included Tekashi 6ix9ine. Sometime last year, the rapper from Brooklyn got into a tense argument with Slim outside of ComplexCon. Their interaction stemmed from the beef between 6ix9ine and YG, who earlier this year dissed 6ix9ine with his track ‘Stop Snitchin.’

Whether in upscale Hollywood neighborhoods, or streets in Brooklyn desperately in need of concrete sealer, gun violence has a notorious history of invading rap culture. Whenever someone is shot, it is an inexcusable tragedy, and too many times does it involve artists and musicians. Below are some notable examples of hip hop artists who’ve been victims of gun violence.

50 Cent

50 Cent 6ix9ine Get The Strap

In a moment of extreme violence that has proven itself to be a mainstay in hip hop folklore, rapper 50 Cent was shot over nine times while standing on the driveway outside of his grandmother’s home, located in Southside, Jamaica Queens, on the 24th of May, 2000. Fif suffered injuries to his hand, his arm, both legs, his torso, and the left half of his face, but despite these gruesome injuries, he miraculously survived. Today, the rapper himself has joked about his shooting, and it is a frequently brought up event when one is discussing rap history. This desensitization is troubling, however, as gun violence is nothing to be joked about lightly.

Beanie Sigel

Beanie Sigel

On the 5th of December 2014, artist Beanie Sigel suffered a gunshot wound to his stomach after involvement in a tussle outside his house in Pleasantville, New Jersey. Despite it being initially reported that the previously Roc-A-Fella MC had to have his lung taken out, it actually ended up collapsing, and his tending doctors successfully re-inflated the organ. Beanie recovered and went on to make a victorious return to the spotlight during the homecoming concert of fellow rapper Meek Mill in Philadelphia, in March of 2015. “You can’t kill me,” he said to reporters after stepping off of the stage. This bravado was obviously a helpful part of his recovery process.


The Diplomats - Once Upon a Time Video - Cam'ron and Freekey

On the 23rd of October, 2005, Killa Cam AKA Cam’ron was shot when in Washington, D.C., after standing up to an armed robber who wanted the rapper’s blue 2006 Lambo. Despite receiving injuries to both arms, Cam was able to flash his lights, and even managed to drive far enough away to be able to pull to the side of the road, before an admiring fan drove him to the hospital at Howard University. Shortly after the shooting occurred, the rapper had seemed to not only recover physically, but also emotionally. He boastfully walked out of the hospital, telling reporters “I got shot three times and my album comes out November 22.” Unfazed by these violent events, he dove right back into his career.



Funeral Fab was just chilling inside of a parking garage, when out of nowhere he was shot in the leg, on Oct. 17, 2006. In a personal interview on MTV, Fab revealed that the shooting affected his life in more than just a physical way. “I just fell back, took it easy,” he told his interviewer. “Maybe I was doing a little too much. Let some things take their course. I had never been shot before. I had to chill for a minute and got focused on the music and other things rather than being out and running around.” Any traumatic event can have life-altering effects on the victims involved. If anything, it’s admirable that the musician was able to come out in such a forthright away about the revelations he underwent during the recovery period. There’s no shame in healing.

Gillie Da Kid

Gillie Da Kid

Gillie Da Kid has enjoyed a place in the rap scene for some time, but in 2006, it was obvious that his name had reached the years of the some of the wrong people. The performer famous for “I’m Da Man,” after being in his home town of Philadelphia, was shot in the arm and leg after trying to get into his car. He was obviously rushed to the hospital immediately, and suffered no serious injuries. While relatively silent about his experience, he has still been contributing music to the rap world, and is lucky that the injuries weren’t worse.

Jimmy Wopo

Newcomer on the scene Jimmy Wopo was only 21 years old when he was shot down in cold blood while in his native Pittsburgh June 18, 2018. While in the Hill District, the young rapper was attacked without warning while chilling in the car with one of his friends. While he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, there was nothing they could do to save him. Despite Pittsburgh’s reputation for some of the best hospitals in the world, there wasn’t anything that could prevent such a heinous murder.

In other words….

Violence in any community is something to be abhorred, not glorified. However, the victims of such acts should be honored, regardless of what events occurred prior to the incident. A scuffle between artists, or beef of any kind shouldn’t be resulting in lethal attacks, but it happens. And when it does, it’s important that we speak nothing but positivity in regards to these hip hop artists. Whether their lives or cut short or they survived, they all participated in enlarging the tradition of rap music – you have to respect that.

Slim 400 definitely has humor about it all though. See the video below for an audio-visual report on the story from YouTube.