World’s Tallest Body Builder, Muscles On Muscles, Now Marvel’s “Black Widow”

Body Builder Olivier Richards on Airplane, Leaving Black Widow Film Set

Who says working hard in the gym does  not pay off? This new story is definitely going to prove things different.   And it will definite that saying in two ways. The world’s tallest body builder has been called upon for a multi-million dollar acting role.  Marvel casted Olivier Richards, a giant with muscles on muscles, to play the role of “Black Widow” in the upcoming spin-off movie.

How ripped are the muscles of the Dutch Giant?

First off,  to play the role of a superhero character, you have to seem ‘super.’   Olivier is definitely fitting of this description. The famed bodybuilder stands at 7 feet and 2 inches tall.  To put this into perspective, here’s a few NBA basketball players who are shorter than Richards: Kevin Durant, De’Andre Jordan, Zion Williamson, Shaquille O’neal, and Anthony Davis.   In short, this guy can likely palm the head of any of his enemies in the film, like women’s basketball. However, do not worry NBA centers as this career weightlifter didn’t love the roundball enough to make it his life.

Muscle wise, the newly casted ‘Black Widow’ actor has a major history in body building.      According to he weighed only 187 pounds at the beginning of his competitive career.  Now however, he weighs just over 300 pounds. His arm size is nearly 19-inches and anytime he rips a muscle, he’s likely able to recover just as quick as builders using the experimental BPC-157 acids.  Not much weight should phase a man of his size, not even if injured.   Also, if one thinks about his arm measurements, that is almost 2 feet around.   These types of physical statistics are equivalent to a real life Incredible Hulk almost.

Food wise, it takes 6”400 calories or more for the Black Widow star to maintain his weight.  He’s allegedly eating 7 meals a day and requires at least 450 calories of pure protein.   Every 2-and-a-half hours this Marvel star has to eat or he my lose the physique required of him now to keep his role.

A downside to the attention for  body builder, the doubts. Fans of this bodybuilder are also create debate over his physique being natural with the rise to fame.   Via reddit, people are doubting the actor’s body can be achieved without drugs (see here).   While this doubt is going on and people are acting as if he’s jacked on steroids and BPC-157, the new Marvel talent is doing what he’s supposed to do. Work is all that is on his mind.

Who is Olivier Richards

He may not be a professional athlete but he is still quite talented. The Dutch Giant turned down sports, early on in his youth.  Richards was more interested in the arts and acting over bashing plastic helmets and breaking iron rims.

Born in 1989,  the soon-to-be blockbuster movie star, was taking on minor acting roles before he was age 28.  The first gigs came on small TV shows and it was not until this year, at 30 years of age Olivier broke into the movie scene.  His first feature film, The King’s Man was recently filmed and set to release next year in 2020.

Marvel “Black Widow”  Casting

While the first movie role had to be exciting for the Dutch giant, the next news had to nearly blow his mind.   He got called in for the role of a Marvel superhero and feature character, Black Widow. He had to keep the job silent for weeks but broke the news to fans in August.   After all was confirmed he had the role of the muscle bound Marvel character, he announced the news to his instagram followers.

“I can finally tell you guys! For the last 3 weeks, I have been in the UK filming my part for the movie: Black Widow (Marvel Studios),” he wrote as the caption for an IG where he was traveling.  He continues, “This year in January, for the first time in my life I started to join castings for movies, who would have thought that I got to start with The King’s Man, then on to Gangs of London (HBO) and now Black Widow (Marvel).”

Dreams do come true is the underlying message of his social media post.  Hard work indeed paid off for the muscle bound Dutch giant.

“If someone in 2018 told me my career in the movie industry would start like this, I would have called an ambulance for him.”

A shock for the rising European star, no one knows exactly what role he will be playing.  What is confirmed for the movie however, returning face. Actors David Harbour will Alexei Shostakov aka Red Guardian and O-T Fagbenle stars as Mason.  The lovely actress Scarlett Johansson will be expanding on her titular role as Natasha Romanoff. Other actresses slated are Florence Pugh as Yelena Belova, with Rachel Weisz as Melina Vostokoff, the Iron Maidenand.   Like Olivier, Ray Winstone has been cast in the film but his role is unknown.

Body Builder Olivier Richards on Airplane, Leaving Black Widow Film Set

The tallest Marvel movie actor to date

It’s not verified yet but the muscle laden giant may go down in the history books of the superhero films industry.   The height of 7”2 may be the tallest of any Marvel character, from any time.

Other giants in films from this particular niche in entertainment are as follows:

  1. Onslaught (Magneto look-alike): 10”0
  2. Wendigo: 9”7
  3. Juggernaut: 9”5
  4. Colossus : 7”5
  5. Hulk: 7”0 – 8”0
  6. Thanos: 6”7

Just a top 6, several other characters from the various Marvel series are tall as well. Most can be found on ComicVine.

How to get as big as Olivier Richards

Of course, the question of many young males in their youth is ‘how to get muscles’   After seeing this Black Widow film with the Dutch Giant, it is sure to inspire many to hit the gym.   It is not going to be easy but it can be done.   Knowing your calorie needs to maintain your target weight, judging by your height, can be done with two simple tools.  Find a weight gaining calculator (like this one) and then a calorie calculator (find here). It’s important to know how much you need and how many calories the things you’re eating may give you for gains.  

Once you have these two factors down and follow a steady dieting regiment, you only have to workout in the gym. If you do not work out, depending on metabolism, you could either get extremely overweight or simply ‘crap out’ all of the food your body does not need.

For additional fitness tips and workout ideas, watch a video on Youtube for natural and weighted workouts.

Black Widow Movie

For fans of Marvel and Olivier Richards,  be sure to get your tickets for the May 2020 film’s release.  It will be directed by Cate Shortland. Writers include Ned Benson, Don Heck, Stan Lee (rest in peace), Don Rico, and Jac Schaeffer.  It’s expected over 200 people will be involved in creating the film, many of who are now listed at IMDB.

Fans of the Marvel series that attended Comic Con 2019, already got a glimpse at the stars of the film.  The cast that was already known earlier this year visited the event to take photos and give autographs with fans.

More updates for the movie are sure to break throughout the year.  Various expected characters have not been announced as casted to date, but smaller roles. 

Box office numbers for this film are expected to be in the hundreds of millions. However,  many doubt it will have the success of Marvel’s previous chart toppers. The ‘hype’ around the film is not yet big enough, nor is it making much of a cultural impact in the United States.  In Europe however, it may do record numbers in certain places if language barriers are broken.