Rico Nasty & Kenny Beats – “Anger Management” Review

While Summer is not officially here, Rico Nasty and Kenny Beats have set the tone with their “Anger Management” tape. Released a little over a month ago, “Anger Management” is raw, unorthodox and thrilling from beginning to end. With a runtime of only 19 minutes, the project contains 9 songs and features the talents of Baauer, EarthGang and Splurge. The one thing about Rico is, she is truly unpredictable. Her energy is unlike any artist today and her passion is another reason listeners will fully enjoy this project.

Rico and Kenny immediately set the atmosphere for the project with the high-tech, futuristic, explosive track, “Cold.” Like an erupting volcano, Rico literally explodes the moment the beat drops. Her flow is maniacal and turbulent. Rico makes it clear that none of these “b*tches” are as cold as her. Following her energy, Kenny’s production is so dramatic and just as chaotic as Rico’s flow. Ironically, unlike the song’s title, “Cold”, the song heats up listeners energetically. There is an aura of cockiness and bravado that oozes throughout the entire song. Rico is just making it clear that this is her lane and not one person or thing will hop in it.

Continuing with more theatrical production, Kenny gets deep in his duffle bag with the Baauer- assisted “Cheat Code.” The production is so raw and intricate that you find yourself subconsciously making a stink face as Rico delivers her verses. Again,  Rico is essentially talking all the sh*t she wants and has no problem backing any of it up:

All these b*tches sound like Rico
Big money, been had a cheat code
B*tch, I ball hard, no free throw
Got my own money, I don’t need yours

“Cheat Code” is a public service announcement to the haters. Rico is saying: 1. Tread lightly before you think about trying me. 2. All of you simply want to be just like me so badly. She seamlessly executes on the song while maintaining that same in-your-face, nitty attitude.

“Hatin,” is undoubtedly one of the best tracks on the tape. Both Kenny and Rico tap into new untouched energy with the record. Over Timbaland’s legendary beat for JAY-Z’s “Dirt Off Your Shoulder,” Rico and Nasty literally rip the entire track. Rico starts the song wanting pure smoke as she raps, “Yeah, I got b*tches on my d*ck and I ain’t even got a d*ck.” Her energy is literally uncontainable and she completely erupts. Her demeanor is unapologetic, her swag is immaculate and her execution is flawless. “Hatin” is definitely an anthem for the ladies. Rico proclaims to the ladies to go hard for themselves, get their own money and don’t worry about these dudes throwing hate on them. Rico brags about her success and gradual climb to success while also uplifting her female audience.

On “Big T*****s” Rico teams up with Baauer and EarthGang as they brag about their lifestyles, fame and the never-ending sexual prowl of endless women. Rico provides the charisma with a trademark chorus. On her verse, Rico again aims shot at those carbon copies that desire to be her. However, she even adds some uplifting flow in the song reminding women of their worth, their value and to stop entertaining clowns who embarrass them. She is essentially instilling the same mindset within men in women and telling them to be unapologetic just like the men.

Following the comical “Nasty World (Skit),” “Relative” is a more serious. Rico reflects on how everyone has essentially jumped on the bandwagon now that she has reached a certain level of success and want to suddenly show her love. Kenny does it again with the production. The beat delivers an utter classical Hip-Hop appeal that mimics the seriousness in Rico’s delivery. The two mix together effortlessly.

Rico and Splurge get right to business with “Mood.” The two just bounce back and forth and it makes for this fun listen. Kenny TRULY executes here While the song definitely hypes listeners up, the production is what makes you want to listen again and again. While there are not much heavy lyricism or extraordinary bars, the production along with Rico and Splurge’s high energy and charisma are truly contagious.

“Sell Out” is a double entendre that Rico successfully creates. She uses the track to make several statements: 1. She will always be true to herself regardless of who is or is not around. 2. She sells out shows everywhere goes. She looks back on her past, old friendships and leveling up. Rico also acknowledges the wrongs she has committed in the past and even thanks God for allowing her to succeed.

Rico is the queen of delivering those… unforgettable lines. She passionately proclaims:

“Yeah, I might sell out but I ain’t no sellout!

“Again,” channels vintage Rico as she intermixes singing and rapping, transporting the listeners back to Tacobella days. The song feels like an overall review of the entire tape. She evaluates both her personal and business life. She uses the song to really focus on everything going on around her and address the emotions she feels when they take place. It is not all about flexing and stunting on people, Rico gets really transparent and even vulnerable on the record.

“Anger Management” provides yet another dope project under Rico’s catalogue. With every project, Rico grows more into herself, artistry and sound. This mixtape actually exhibits a more lyrical Rico. Her flow is much more crucial than before. Both Rico and Kenny are magical. When the two come together, the results are always great.

“Anger Management” does not serve to be the best project out or to prove anything to anyone. It simply is a fun tape. The reason Rico is so successful is because of her unpredictable and unapologetic nature. From her fashion to her music, the 22-year-old does whatever it is she wants, exactly how she wants it done. The Maryland native is truly at the top of her game and she’s only getting better. Rico holds no punches and makes sure you feel each and every lyric. She leaves listeners sitting on the edge of their seats wanting more.

We cannot wait to see what’s next, Rico!

Top Tracks from “Anger Management:”

  1. Hatin
  2. Cheat Code
  3. Cold
  4. Big T*****s
  5. Sell Out

Honorable Mention 6.  Mood