Casino Music | C.KHiD Secretly Added New Rap Song “Las Vegas” to Spotify


Everyone needs a theme song when you are playing the slots, a round of “21” aka blackjack, or rolling the dice in an American casino. Superstars always have there “jam” that raises the energy resonating from there soul. Though it’s been awhile since he’s been visible to the public eye, a South Carolina born rapper has unleashed “the vibez” for casinos. Hip-hop artist C.KHiD apparently was feeling the city of Las Vegas so much he recorded a single paying home to America”s gambling capital. That new rap song “Las Vegas” was secretly added to Spotify for 2019, no promotion.

Added To Latest Rap Album: abKw2P

The new Hip-Hop song from C.KHiD is titled after the city that inspired it, Las Vegas. It’s not clear when the single was recorded. However, the hook of the single can be heard in his YouTube vlogs dating back to 2017. The 4-minute track was used for the intro to several episodes of his “LivingLifeEasy” vlog series. Over 100 episodes were on YouTube, until last year when removed until further notice.

The theme song for Casino high rollers was added to the latest C.KHiD album, abKw2P at the end of 2018. The original project was taken down without notice, then a new copy popped back up a few weeks later. The rapper said nothing about the changes on social media nor his official website,

The date of upload suggests C.KHiD published the single in November. No promotion or roll out was done to the single, it simply just “appeared”  on streaming and download outlets (play on: Spotify).

The song was engineered by Carlos Paez of “Dresmore” according to the credits. The production was done by Atlantic record”s producer, Dopant Beats.

The Song & Lyrics

It’s not clear who’s doing the intro to this song but it’s just as energetic as the song. A comedian introduces the rapper in the fashion of a sports event announcer. With pure hilarity he reminds people to hide the ladies when C.KHiD is around. His comical speech ends with, “Ha ha ladies and gentlemen, hide your wives, hide your kids, hide your daughter, hide your cousins, hide your nieces, hide that b-tch crossing the street.. Because he will get them.”

As soon as this announcer is done,  C.KHiD enters with what’s likely inspired by the Nature Boy Rick Flair. He shouts out “Wooooh!” and the new song begins.

“I’m poppin’ tags out in Las Vegas, taking selfies that make boyfriends haters / I’m poppin’ tags out in Las Vegas / Buy what I want like I think I’m Mayweather.”

After another “Wooooo,” C.KHiD enters with a faster flow than normal. He voices the Las Vegas experience when you’re “ballin” and winning at the casinos. The “Yeah Yeah” rapper details the swagger when going out, trendy experiences of the Sin City, & how ladies engage with big spenders.

Links to Casinos & Floyd Mayweather

It appears C.KHiD is a fan of gambling and has done damage at the tables of Vegas. In fact, the American casinos appears to appreciate his business as well. His music video “Do The Hustle,” showcases the rapper at various locations on the Las Vegas Boulevard. The Wynn hotel and other casinos in the downtown Fremont street area, gave the rapper access to shoot the rap video in 2012.

C.KHiD references Floyd Mayweather to get across his frivolous spending after earnings. It appears this too has some connections to his lifestyle. He is not part of “The Money Team” but he did appear at a fight for Mayweather, ringside. This is impressive because C.KHiD has always remained an independent artist. To buy those seats, you definitely have to be capable of “popping tags.”

The Return

Rumors are circulating that C.KHiD may return to music in 2019. The rapper moved out of the United States to live in the Dominican republic in 2015 or 2016. He also spent half a year in Central Europe. “C” or “Si,” took time out to experience the culture in Belgrade-Serbia, Budapest-Hungry, Zagreb-Croatia, and various parts of Italy.

From those travels, various album covers were updated with designs that utilized photo from around the world. “Black Box Dreams 5” has C.KHiD posing on Italy’s Positano beach. The emcee squats in front of the famous colorful houses on the hills, decorating the Amalfi Coast’s black sand beach. “Black Box Dreams 3” was updated with a photo of C.KhID standing in front of Budapest, Hungary. The rapper is playing with necklace it appears with a very “nonchalant” vibe.

No other album covers were changed and the significance of these edits are unknown. However, the photos used are quite an upgrade in style.

New Music Video Possibly

This song is a great “vibe” for those visiting Las Vegas. The energy is truly a representation of what someone should feel when leaving the casinos a winner. Spending the “moolah” you just won from taking a risk is a high drugs cannot buy. In fact, this single could be played in any casino or even listened to when playing online slots at Wizard Slots in your house slippers. The voyeuristic depiction can make anyone feel like a champion.

C.KHiD mentioned in a 2016 vlog that there is a music video coming for this single. With the project suddenly appearing could that mean there is a music video roll out launching this year too?  His inactive profiles would make this idea questionable. However, his “storyline” on Instagram has been growing with activity so perhaps there is something bubbling.

Stream or download C.KHiD “Las Vegas” on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Shazam, or other music service today. It is no longer a secret. Keep the new song for 2019 stored on your USB bank for nights where you play to take risks for big rewards.

Watch the rapper’s latest music video, “Rich Life Forever” below.