Top 11 Rap Videos That Travel Through Atlanta, A Hip-Hop Vacation

Atlanta Rap Scenes

The world’s most popular music genre and leader to Pop culture, is Hip-Hop & Rap. From the 1990’s days of 2pac and the Notorious BIG, a lot has changed. However, the music still celebrates the underdog from the streets. A rapper that is able to defeat the odds. Even with 2019’s new rappers, Migos and Cardi B to Lil Uzi Vert and YG, a street edge is still a dominating factor. The one thing that has emerged from the depths of the Hip Hop culture is the location from which it permeates. Starting in the Bronx of New York, the music genre has moved it’s way to down south. The capital of the state of Georgia is also the capital of Popular music today. Here are 11 cool rap music videos filmed in the good A-Town aka Atlanta that have great footage of the city with the world’s busiest airport.

Players’ Ball – Outkast

Here is a view of the ATL during the 1990s. At this point it was one of the nation’s most popular cities to travel into. Freaknic was celebrated in the city center yearly and the Olympics were held there in 1996. Outkast emerged from the smoke in 1994 and by the end of the decade, changed the culture’s view of the south, worldwide. What’s exceptional about this video as well, Andre 3000 & Big Boi, didn’t focus on the booming downtown skyline. Instead they took their rap director on a ride around the A-town to see what people really lived like beyond the glamour and glitz. This is a classic video and well deserved #1 on our list for this voyueristic travel.

Welcome to Atlanta – Jermaine Dupri featuring Ludacris

The #2 spot is another iconic moment from rappers of Atlanta, during the ATL’s transition to the center of pop music. The “Welcome to Atlanta” music video literally took viewers on tour around the city in 2001, stopping in various Urban hotspots. Cameos from Tiny Harris, CeeLo Green, Usher, Evander Holyfield, Dominique Wilkins, Popular Pimps, pre-teenage Bow Wow, DJ Frank Ski, YoungBloodz rapper Sean Paul, Lil Jon, Ti, Monica, Nivea, and half the black population of the city at the infamous hotspot, 112 nightclub. An entire generation was possibly summed up by this video with the places mentioned and shown. If alive in this time period and partying, you can definitely connect.

Damn! – YoungBloodz featuring Lil Jon

This video is a classic from the 2005 rap scene. If wishing to know what a walk down the street in an urban neighborhood of Atlanta was like during this era, this is video to fulfill those voyueristic needs. From screen door porches to bbq grills, YoungBloodz took over the summer with this single. This is also the video where the world found out about a brewing Atlanta dance called the “Eastside stomp.”

Dunn Dunn – Shawty Lo

Here’s a real artistic capture of the ‘A’ in mostly greyscale video during 2008. L-o was dissing rapper T.I. with this single, but the two later patched things up and even became neighbors later in life. The video itself shows an up close look at the Westside of the Atlanta Bankhead section. Tip and Shawty Lo were feuding over who was the king of the notorious region of Georgia’s capital. The average person would not be going to these places such as Bowen Homes projects.

Broadcast Live – T.I.

Here’s a highly underrated single, compared to what else has blown up in the catalogs of Atlanta ra. Clifford Harris came a long way from the days of his first video “Dope Boyz,” a video on the front porch of his trap house to getting this, a full ride through all of Atlanta. This is a cool visual to get a few views of the city from local restaurant favorites to Philips arena.

A-Town – Lil Baby featuring Marlo

Here’s a great screening of the city of Atlanta today. Though it’s grown since this 2017 recording, it’s still very accurate in depicting the cityscape. Lil Baby and Marlo tell the tales of the streets there while cruising through various parts of the A-Town. The heart of downtown and into the various ‘sides’ of the sprawling urban community. Famed Atlanta rappers 21 Savage and Young Thug also make cameos in the visual.

Vegas Atlanta Harlem – C.KHiD

Here’s a visual from an outsider of the A-Town. South Carolina rapper C.KHiD paid homage to the city he was constantly visiting as a youth, according to lyrics. View various famous sights during his 1-verse travels that range from Ghandi and MLK to Philips Arena, where the Hawks play at. It is essentially just views of the downtown but the 2015 release was one of the first to showcase certain sites which are common in all rapper’s videos today. It’s a great visual.

Success-N-Affect – Roll it Up My N**ga

Here’s a rap video very few will know about. There were actually rappers in the 1980’s in Atlanta who repped for the hometown. Here’s a rare look at the ATL during the eighties, which was a very different period from any other video featured on this list. What is very noticeable however, the 80’s fashions seemed to heavily influence all we see today. Various captures were made during the film that include art, dance, and fashion in Atlanta. The massage to the music was to stop violence by smoking some marijuana. Wiz Khalifa should remix this, another story for later.

Alright – Kriss Kross featuring Super Cat

When speaking on Atlanta, it’s important to remember that the biggest group in the 1990’s was Kriss Kross. The Mac Daddy and the Daddy Mac, has made the world jump for over 3 decades. In this rap video ‘Alright’ from 1993, the two captured the scenes of cruising and partying in the A to the main screen. The spaghetti junction, interstate 85, pool parties, lowriders, braided hair, metro neighborhoods, pool parties and more can be experience with this voyeuristic travel.

Whatz Up, WHatz Up – Playa Poncho & LA Sno

When talking about the dances and fashion styles of Atlanta in the early 1990s, look no further then this music video. One can not travel the streets of the city here but there is the ability to taste the flavor of the southern Georgia capital here. The strong confidence from the culture of the ATL is what made it such a powerhouse. Shot in 1995, this single was ‘viral’ before the word was a popular term, skating through boomboxes across America. Daisy dukes, jerseys, box hairstyles, the OG wayfarer Ray Bans, and more can be seen in this rap video shot at urban event, FreakNik.

Me OK – Young Jeezy

Formerly known as Macon, GA rapper Lil J, the Snowman really gave a wholesome view of Urban Atlanta here. Though everything is in a Hollywood cinematic theme, the Black culture that Hip-hop was cultivated from is found in this visual. Various pannings of streets and housing communities reminded fans of Rap that Jeezy is still in touch with his roots. Some businesses’ had their names and/or signs blurred out in the video, but still there are some great screens that can help timestamp this video 2014 Atlanta.

Rap Up

There will be many more videos to come in the future that will showcase Georgia’s capital. Every artist that’s hot today, must visit it to record and network. The genre of music performed does not matter, the touch of Hip-Hop will still be needed. The musical genre has become the ground zero for Pop culture worldwide. Trends get set in his city and while you can travel to more exotic cities rappers showcase (see 6 rap videos here) in other Hip-Hop visuals , no other location has such a heavy hand on music. Other cities’ artists are just as respected but there is something special about the Peach state’s version of Hollywood.