LISTEN: Rosie Lowe x Jay Electronica Connect on “The Way”

Rosie Lowe x Jay Electronica "The Way"

Hailing from Devon, England, up-and-coming singer/songwriter, Rosie Lowe, is quickly becoming a standout act in the mainstream music industry. Throughout the early stages of her career, she’s released an EP, Right Thing (2014) and a studio album, Control (2016) before taking a brief hiatus from the limelight. Now, she’s back with her sophomore musical offering in YU which features a collaborative track with hip-hop anomaly, Jay Electronica, entitled “The Way.”

Breaking Down Rosie Lowe – “The Way” featuring Jay Electronica

The seven-minute composition is introduced as a ballad ornamented with multi-layered vocal melodies atop a wide array of instrumental components. As Rosie introduces herself on the track floating through her initial verse, elements of dance and funk present themselves. Transformative drum patterns are introduced as punchy keyboard chords, synth melodies, and funky bass lines heighten its listeners’ sonic senses.

Jay Electronica is introduced on the track in a slow-tempo, entrancing fashion where he effortlessly delivers complex yet flawless literature. The five percenter goes on to narrate a story of capturing his lover’s (Rosie’s) essence utilizing his poetic gifts while in the end maintaining his nomadic lifestyle. “The Way” is then closed out in a captivating psychedelic manner of instrumentation.

Conceptually, Rosie touches on experiencing an outpour of forever giving passion from a lover. A passion/love that is continuously uplifting, encapsulating, undying, and sincere, something all sentient beings are deserving of experiencing.

Listen to Rosie Lowe’s “The Way” featuring Jay Electronica in the video link provided above. Also, check out her newly released album, YU, below.