FKA Twigs Drops Stunning Visuals Alongside New Single “Cellophane”

Born from a Jamaican, jazz dancer father and English/Spanish-descendant gymnast mother, FKA Twigs existence was meant for the arts. It’s been over three years since the British singer/songwriter has released any original music of her own. And now, Tahliah Debrett Barnett better known by her stage name, FKA Twigs, has officially released her first single since Feb. 2016 in “Cellophane.”

Prior to the release of “Cellophane,” Twigs directed, produced, starred in and filmed a dance film entitled, Soundtrack 7, on-site at the Manchester International Festival in just seven days. The eclectic singer also debuted a new track called “Good to Love” in conjunction with the release of the film in Feb. 2016. The release of the track led to Twigs performing on major media platforms but did not lead to a new full-length musical offering.

Since then, Twigs has gained global notoriety for her creative directorial ventures with Nike and Apple and was recently featured on A$AP Rocky‘s latest album, Testing, on the single “Fukk Sleep.”

Breaking Down The Production of FKA Twigs’ “Cellophane”

For those unaware of FKA Twigs’ artistry, she’s known for intertwining elements of R&B, electronic and trip-hop music genres. It’s impossible to box her complex approach to art into one specific genre. Aesthetically and artistically, Barnett takes her time with her projects and is unmatched when it comes to the visual aspects of her artistry.

Sonically, the track produced by Jeff Kleinman, Michael Uzowuru and Barnett herself takes on the form of a slow-paced ballad led by Twigs’ powerful vocal performance and accompanied by a semi-distorted piano riff. A back-placed string section and synthesizers provide the track with an almost haunting sound. A thudding kick drum, that act as a pulse for the composition, isn’t introduced until the bridge of the song. However, despite the flawlessly immaculate instrumental production, Twigs’ ability to flow from a contralto to soprano vocal tones make this track extraordinary.

Breaking Down The Visuals of FKA Twigs’ “Cellophane”

Following the “Figure 8” singer’s Instagram account will provide viewers with context as to how serious she is about pole dancing. In this particular video, Twigs utilizes her passion for pole dancing as a muse for the “Cellophane” visuals.

In the video directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, Barnett enters a monochromatic gold stage draped in metallic curtains to an applauding crowd. Removing her veil, the 31-year-old exposes an ornamented two-piece ensemble that compliments her natural hue. Twigs then goes on to deliver a sensual choreographed performance that becomes increasingly psychedelic.

The roof of her performing venue opens up and reveals a dragon-esque entity that shares her face. The figure goes on to crystallize and consume the singer dragging her into an endless dark abyss. Eventually, Twigs lands in a rusted amber clay-like substance where she immersed and reborn in the marsh.

Aesthetically, “Cellophane” is one of the most captivating visual experiences in music released this year. The use of light, sci-fi visual effects and diverse color palettes intensify the composition’s overall performance.

With “Cellophane” being FKA Twigs’ first musical offering in quite some time, there’s a strong possibility we will be getting a new project from the creative mastermind in the near future. With that said, check out the visuals to “Cellophane” in the video provided above. Let us know your thoughts on the video in the comment section below.