How to Game Online Without a Credit Card

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Getting the most out of gaming today requires online access. Whether it be Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network or another option – gaming has become an online experience. For gamers this means additional costs which raises the question – how do you pay for those extras?

Video gaming matures

Video games were not always played over the Internet, there was a time when players had to be in the same room to play together. The Internet has brought about many changes including new genres such as Battle Royale and social video games. Players have matured as well – in 2018 29% of players were aged between 18 and 35 while 50+ year-old gamers represented 23%.

Cost of gaming

Publishers have discovered that games which are free to play, with no upfront cost to the player, are quite a lucrative business model. For example, Fortnite, a popular multiplayer game known for funny winner celebrations, is expected to generate $2 billion in revenue this year. This is accomplished through purchases in the game for skins and other niceties.

Many newer games offer this type of purchase to fans – whether it be skins or new character models or even additional levels. This source of income is the future of video games.

Paying for the fun

Buying most things in online games will cost money. While there are often purchase options that use in-game money you can earn by completing various challenges, the really cool stuff costs cold hard cash. For most gamers, paying for those in-game perks is a problem especially considering the breadth of online games available.

Online Gaming
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One option to pay for these perks is a credit or debit card if you have one available. Most online games accept major credit cards as a payment option. This eliminates gamers who do not have, or do not wish to use, a credit or debit card.

Using prepaid cards

However there are options available. In the iGaming sector, a prepaid card like PaySafeCard solves common problems for people without credit cards and players can even get bonuses with their deposit. These bonuses include free spins and other account perks depending on the game.

Prepaid cards operate on the basis that you pay a cashier the amount desired, or printed on your chosen card, before they activate it. Once the card is activated you will have an access code (either on your receipt or on the back of the card itself). Once purchased, adding the card to your account is easy – simply enter the numbers where the game tells you to then your money will be available for use.

The more popular games may even have physical cards available at a retailer near you. Unfortunately, this is not true for every online game and can limit your enjoyment quite a bit.