“Captain Marvel” Is the Strongest Addition to the MCU

Los Angeles World Premiere Of Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel
via Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Fans have been waiting for a female-led superhero film from Marvel since forever. Captain Marvel was a long time coming and well worth the wait. The film gives us an adventure, where we get to explore the growth and dedication of a character that we don’t always get to see. Brie Larson as Captain Marvel was a perfect cast, she brings her bubbly attitude and tunes it with the seriousness Carol Danvers carries around when trying to find herself. Samuel L. Jackson returning as Nick Fury was a great addition to the movie. Carol and Fury together felt like a buddy cop film we didn’t know we needed until we saw them together as friends — unlike their roles in Kong: Skull Island.

The movie takes place before most of the others in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so we get fun tidbits about future knowledge throughout the film — including how Fury loses his eye, Skrull invasion, Tesseract origins and where Nick Fury got that neat pager that we saw in the mid-credit scene of Infinity War, right before he was snapped out of existence. Speaking of mid-credit scenes, the one featured in Captain Marvel will have you so hyped for Avengers: Endgame, and luckily, we don’t have to wait too long.

We recently sat in on the press conference for Captain Marvel in Los Angeles and got to listen in on the cast’s journey they took to put this masterpiece together.

We have our Carol, Miss Brie Larson, Captain Marvel. I don’t want to tell too much, but this is not your average, not just a damsel in distress; this is a woman that’s… she’s got a little edges to her. She’s got some other things, but I’ve heard you say that this is what you love about her is… her dark side, sort of like a little bit extra. So tell us about why you love this Captain Marvel.

BRIE LARSON: There’s a lot to love about her, which is why I was really excited to do this; in particular, the idea of playing a superhero, or a female superhero in particular because my interest is in female complexity; I was a little worried about playing somebody, a superhero that would be perfect — because I don’t feel like that’s realistic, or something aspirational at all. Um. In particular, even with my job, like you could just see this beautiful finished product where I look great, maybe… in your opinion. Ah, but you don’t know all the other takes that are on the cutting room floor where sometimes I physically landed on my face doing stunts — and sometimes I just do a bad take. It’s just how it goes. So getting to play a character where the whole character arc and turn of this is watching her be this major risk taker, which means it’s not always going to work out the best. And those are the moments, the defining moments of her character, where she doesn’t lay down, she gets back up. I mean, that’s everything. That’s for everybody. There isn’t a person who can’t relate to that, I don’t think.

So this is a new Nick Fury, that we get to see this time. Or not a new — a Nick Fury we haven’t gotten to see before; let’s put it to you that way. What did you particularly like about embodying, you know, this… this ’90s version of our favorite shield leader?

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: Um. Oh, you know, sort of a kinder, gentler, not so cynical world-weary, chip-on-the-shoulder Nick Fury. Um. Who hadn’t met anyone from another universe just yet and sort of looking at the crazy lady, trying to figure out why she thinks she’s an alien and what all that means and, ah… it’s kind of… kind of fun to not be the all-knowing, you know, angry, ah… persuader that Nick Fury always is and — and you know, even… even more refreshing to have two eyes, so I don’t have to cover one eye while I was learning my lines.

Mr. Jackson, can you talk about working with the cat? And are you a cat person in real life?

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: Ah. No, I am not a cat person. But I’m also not a dog, bird or a fish person, either. So I just don’t… I don’t engage pets. You know, Reggie is like… most animals that, you know, people bring to set that have been trained to do this, that or the other — he’s snack-oriented. You know. You give him something to eat, he shows up. You know, you give him something to eat, you talk softly and nice to him, give him something to eat again. They love you. You know, so, it works out. And… there were actually four cats, but Reggie did the majority, he did the, you know, heavy lifting most of the time. But um, you know, it was great to be around. I mean, she had more problems with him than I did, because she has cat allergies.

BRIE LARSON: Personally. I’m severely allergic to be clear.

SAMUEL L. JACKSON: Yeah. I mean, not problems. I mean issues.

BRIE LARSON: We weren’t like, it was not sort of like diva, like we couldn’t
work together.

Be sure to look out for Reggie “the cat” as Goose and the rest of the cast in Captain Marvel out March 8th.