Forever 21 x Honda Capsule Collection Featuring 21 Savage

21 Savage x Forever 21 x Honda Capsule Collection

The ties between fashion and hip-hop have been imminent, since the music genre’s conception. Now, more than ever, hip-hop artists are teaming up with both streetwear and high-fashion brands to promote their latest collections. With 21 Savage coming off the success of a brand new album i am > i was and of course his recent infamous detention period by ICE due to an expired visa, 21 Savage is swiftly adding to his bag of creative tricks with his collaboration between Honda and fashion retailer, Forever 21. Check out the motocross-inspired Forever 21 x Honda Capsule Collection featuring 21 Savage in the images above.

In recent months, 21 Savage has come forward stating he’s had a shift in his mindset regarding economic empowerment, financial literacy and overall lifestyle. The 26-year-old hip-hop artist has shown immense growth since his initial studio debut album, Issa (2017). Throughout his latest musical offering, 21 has proven he’s capable of competing lyrically with top-tier artists. His content also has revealed the error of his ways and his willingness to right his wrongs. This type of rapid growth has allowed the artist to become a promotional figure for world-renowned brands like Forever 21. Which explains why the “Bank Account” rapper is in the position he is in today.

Breaking Down the Forever 21 x Honda Capsule Collection

As mentioned, the Forever 21 x Honda Capsule Collection was inspired by motocross culture and aesthetic. The exclusive collection features clothing and accessories for both men and women. The men’s portion of the collection features multicolor graphic tees, textured motocross pants, color-blocked anoraks, jerseys and more. The women’s portion of the F21 x Honda Collection includes racing logo jackets, tube rompers and crop tops.

Some of the accessories in the Forever 21 x Honda Capsule Collection include Honda-branded belts, crossbody bags, and checkered crew socks. For those of you interested in the Forever 21 x Honda Collection, the capsule is currently available in its entirety here on the Forever 21 website.

Photos By Forever 21