Introducing RT: LA Artist Pouring Her Heart Into Her Art

RT Artist

Shades of happy bright colors splatters through the depths of the pitch-black layers of paint. The white colors on the primed canvas’ form silhouettes of familiar figures. Negative space truly plays a role in bringing this kind of art together. Artist, RT, born and raised in the entertainment capital of the world, has a knack for creating works of art that bewitch her viewers by blending (literally) success and pain together.

“Sometimes with much success, there’s a lot of pain, tribulation and suffering behind it,” she said. “Even though these icons had Fame, there was a lot that they went through in their personal lives. I’m intrigued by the duality and polarity of their lives.”

RT pours her heart and soul into understanding each and every one of her subjects that she paints. She inspires herself by reading their biographies, watching their movies and even goes as far as listening to their interviews.

“These icons also inspire me to continue creating until I’m gone from this world,” she said.

Her collection consists of icons such as David Bowie, Tupac, Neil Armstrong and Audrey Hepburn to name a few. Symbolisms of tragedy and hardships are shown in her art pieces through the carefully thought out hues and distinctive characters she uses.

She uses multi-media tools from acrylics, water colors, oil and even sheet music from famous songs to express her art. She diversifies herself to showcase her artistic talents on many platforms from the traditional canvas art to self-actualization space-theorized art and the risqué street art.

Founder of Mars Academy USA, Susan Jewell, requested RT to showcase her art during the 2018 International Astronautical Congress in a segment called, “Artronaut, Astronaut, and Alchemnaut at Play: The Importance of Art and Play for Maintaining Mental Health for Long Duration Missions”. IAC is a yearly held conference for scientists, researchers, engineers and various agencies to highlight the latest technology and space exploration developments.

“The basis of the presentation will help people get a well-rounded total concept of thinking outside the box and getting a better understanding on how to quickly react to any situations and correct mistakes fast,” RT said.

RT hopes to continue to influence people all around the world and wants to combine her music, art and fashion together. RT started a grass roots street art campaign in order to raise awareness for her song, Shoparazzi,

If you find yourself roaming the streets of Miami, New York, Paris, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Berlin. You can find an infamous pink stenciled outline of a woman’s face wearing glasses marking the emblem of RT’s song, Shoparazzi.

Shoparazzi is a song about the commercialization of the fashion industry. She wanted to inspire people to accept the impression that fashion is something you shouldn’t be judged on by a name brand. Your style is unique and you shouldn’t care if you’re not wearing what everybody else is wearing.

“If you want to wear name brand shoes with a top and bottom from a second-rate thrift store, go for it,” RT expressed. “If you want to wear all name brand pieces, go for it. If you want to wear all thrift shop clothes, go for it. You got to be comfortable with the clothes on your own skin.”

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Written by Monik Phan
Photographer: Kurtis Asberry