‘Black-ish’ does Prince for 100th episode


The cast and crew of Black-ish commemorated their 100th episode by paying homage to the late Prince.

The singing legend passed away from an accidental drug overdose on April 21, 2016 at his Paisley Park Studios in Minnesota and the stars of Black-ish honored his long and impactful career by performing songs like “Kiss,” “When Doves Cry,” “Erotic City,” and “Sexy M.F.” for their milestone episode, which aired on Tuesday night.

Black-ish, which is been on ABC since 2014, centers around the Johnson family. The show stars Anthony Anderson as advertising executive and patriarch Dre Johnson, Tracee Ellis Ross as anesthesiologist and matriarch Dr. Rainbow Johnson, Yara Shahidi as the popular and social eldest daughter, Marcus Scribner as the awkward, eldest teen son and Miles Brown and Marsai Marti as mischievous twins Jack and Diane Johnson respectively.

Anderson revealed earlier this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that the episode is a musically-themed glimpse into the generational struggle of parents trying to bond with their children and convince them the music they grew up listening too is “hip.”

“It’s a very relatable thing as a parent to — when your kids don’t like your music and you don’t like their music,” Kimmel said as he explained to Anderson how much he enjoyed the episode. “And you always, no matter what age you are think, “Our music was the good music and whatever you are listening to is garbage.”

The episode was especially meaningful to Yara Shahidi, who’s dad, Afshin, was Prince’s personal photographer. Shahidi also stars in her own spinoff on Freeform called Grown-ish. Oh yeah and she’s also going to Harvard — shout out to Michelle Obama for what was assuredly a killer college recommendation letter. Not that Shahidi really needed it.

“Prince is not only a continuous inspiration in terms of the music that he made,” Shahidi said in a clip she posted online to promote the 100th episode. “But, also, in terms of his influence in supporting other creatives and supporting creative freedom as well as arts programs in schools.”

Anderson also has a personal touch to the episode, telling Kimmel that he and Prince were “friendly with a capital F.”

“Any time somebody calls you up and is like, ‘Hey man, I want you to be at this party… Prince says you haven’t been to the show yet,” he said. “Every time I was at a show, he brought me on to the stage.”

Although Prince is no longer alive, the stars of Black-ish did him justice, belting their hearts our, busting some groovy moves and rocking some stylish 80s clothing, all in the name of “Purple Rain.”

Black-ish airs Tuesdays at 9/10 p.m. c. on ABC. If you missed the Prince-themed 100th episode you can catch it on Hulu or abc.go.com.