Spice Brings Awareness in a Brilliant Way

Towards the end of last month dancehall recording artist, Spice, debuted a very new look via her Instagram.

For reference, the Jamaican artist typically looks like this:


Spice also dropped a new single, “Black Hypocrisy” which talks about colorism in the black community. Colorism is discrimination based on skin color, something that Spice says she’s experienced outside and inside her own community. Colorism is the belief that the lighter the skin and features, the more “marketable” or attractive. Hollywood is very bad about this, known as “whitewashing,” referring to when a lighter-skinned or even white actors are cast in roles that do not call for it and sometimes is detrimental to the story.

In “Black Hypocrisy, ” Spice raps, “Cause I was told I would reach further/If the colour of mi skin was lighter/And I was made to feel inferior/Cah society seh brown girls prettier.” Spice also makes a reference about getting hate from her own community solely based on the color of her skin.

A lot of people had a lot of opinions about this, with many saying that Spice was just trolling or it was a publicity stunt for her new mixtape, Captured. Many said that it was photoshop, prompting Spice to slam it back with a video from Snapchat:

The internet was buzzing with speculation and Spice did nothing to help quiet it down by posting more pictures of her ‘lightened up’ body.

After Captured dropped, Spice took to Instagram again, this time to say that she hadn’t bleached her skin, but that she was bringing awareness to issues that dark-skinned women face. She said:

“On October 22nd I posted a picture of myself where I looked like I altered my appearance and metamorphosis to match the Eurocentric beauty standards. I fearlessly addressed an issue that has been swept under the rug and boldly took the stance in bringing a taboo topic to the forefront. I chose to do this in the manner I did because I believe colorism is plagiarizing our Black community.”

Spice said that this an issue that she’s very passionate about and her song wouldn’t have gotten the same reception if she hadn’t posted the “controversial” image.

“The truth is…it would have probably been just another Spice hit song. So yes, I had to go the extra mile to ensure my message be heard.”