Action Bronson – Prince Charming (Single)

Action Bronson

Action Bronson has proven himself to be one of the most cherished hip-hop personalities of this current generation. Not only is the Queens-bred MC known for complex, luxury rap bars, he’s also found a lane in the realm of television. With his endeavors with VICE Media company, he has quickly become one of hip-hop’s most prominent entertainment curators. With shows like F*ck That’s Delicious and The Untitled Action Bronson Show, it appears that music has taken a backseat for the rapper. Fortunately, it wasn’t until recently that Bronsolino had announced the release of his first independent project entitled, White Bronco. White Bronco marks the first ever solo independent project for Action Bronson since leaving Atlantic Records. Now, the Flushing Grizzly has decided to drop his second offering from the upcoming LP entitled, ‘Prince Charming’.

The track features sample-based production by Knxwledge, which was part of his own project entitled, WT.PRT.13 originally called ‘gds pln [sry]’. The original track features a sample from the song ‘I’m So Sad/Estoy Muy Triste’ by Benitez & Nebula. While a simplistic modernized boom-bap drum pattern decorated with hi-hats, a clap snare and low-end kick drum round out the soothing musical instrumentation of the track. Surprisingly, this beat originally featured Drake’s ‘God’s Plan’ vocals over the musical cadence, which has now been repurposed for Action Bronson’s latest project set to drop sometime in the near future.

As per usual, Action Bronson approached the instrumental with the mindset to devour it and make it his and did just that. Using a combination of simplistic wordplay, witty and charming lyricism and lazily staying pocket of the beat, he was able to not only avoid overpowering the instrumental but make a song that is sonically pleasing for modern-day hip-hop fans and purists alike. With that said, check out the single ‘Prince Charming’ by Action Bronson out for yourself above.


It only took me nine times to make a debut, tenth time’s a charm, shit
Now man’s on road, that means I’m hard
Charge whatever on the Visa card, half-moon Caesar parts
A lot of motherfuckers blind, they couldn’t see the art
War stories, throw ’em through a stack of tables
Wrap my body in a stack of bibles ‘cause shit could get dangerous
Bam Bam splash off the turnbuckle
Now you no longer have to use your nerves or muscles
We’ll see who loves me if I need a liver, shit
You feel defenseless in the presence of a stripper
You cannot be trusted with the access to the money
I crash more Benzes than when they practice with the dummies