Tyga and Birdman in Settlement Talks

Earlier this year rapper Tyga sued Birdman and Lil Wayne, claiming that he was owed additional earnings from the two albums he released through Young Money.

This actually goes back to 2009, when Tyga made “Careless World” and “Hotel California”, a two-album deal he made, both of which did very well. However, Tyga claims he hasn’t received the entirety of his royalties from those albums despite assurances he claimed were guaranteed to him in 2016. Tyga filed the lawsuit after repeated attempts to received said money.

Lil Wayne had also filed a lawsuit against Birdman and Cash Money records back in 2015, saying that he was owed $51 million. They reached a settlement this past June, with Lil Wayne receiving “well over $10 million”, according to Billboard.

The deadline for a response to the lawsuit was on October 1st, although it seems like Birdman and Tyga are coming to some sort of settlement. Tyga agreed to a deadline extension so that Cash Money can respond to his lawsuit “to facilitate ongoing settlement discussions.”

Tyga blamed his youthful ignorance for not getting as great of a deal when he first signed with the label, saying he was so blinded by the new fame and lifestyle. Hopefully a settlement happens in the foreseeable future.