Lil Wayne talks about suicide attempt during BET speech

Lil Wayne

The BET Hip Hop Awards Awards took place last night and the biggest highlight of the show was when Lil Wayne received the iconic I Am Hip-Hop Award to a standing ovation.

Lil Wayne - Selsun Blue (Video)
Past winners of the I Am Hip Hop Award include Grandmaster Flash, KRS-ONE, Russell Simmons, Ice Cube, Salt-N-Pepa, LL Cool J, Rakim, MC Lyte, Doug E. Fresh, Scarface, Snoop Dogg and Luther Campbell.

During his acceptance speech, Wayne, 36, talked about his suicide attempt at age 12-years-old and how it shaped him into the man and musician he is today — all while his daughter, Reginae Carter and his mother, Jacida Carter, stood by his side.

Wayne said the award was in honor of the people who “refuse to stop supporting him,” and dedicated it to a homicide detective from New Orleans who saved his life after his suicide attempt. Wayne calls him “Uncle Bob.”

“He came into an apartment one day — he bust in the door, guns drawn,” Wayne said. “He saw nobody, he saw legs on the floor. It was my legs he saw. He saw blood everywhere. A bunch of police hopped over me. He refused to do so.”

Wayne said he never knew until recently that EMS was on the scene and tried to save him twice, to no avail.

“[Uncle Bob] refuse to let that die,” Wayne said. “He told somebody, ‘come drive this car’ — forget an ambulance…He refused to wait. He kicked in the door and said, ‘you get whatever you got to and you make sure that this child make it…He refused to leave and stayed to make sure that I made it.”

Wayne said he saw Uncle Bob recently and offered to pay for his meal.

“He refused to let me tip the waitress,” Wayne said. “He refused to let me do anything, take care of anything. I said Bob, ‘let me help you in any kind of way.’”

Wayne said Uncle Bob finally acquiesced.

“This man has two amputated legs — he refuse to stop,” Wayne said. “He’s not in a wheelchair. He’s walking. You know what he asked for? A job.”

Wayne then once again thanked his supporters.

“To my fans to my family….to BET to Uncle Bob, I refuse to stop,” he said. “Thank you.”

Other winners of the night include Drake as the Hot Ticket Performer; Karena Evans as Video Director of the Year; Kendrick Lamar as Lyricist Of The Year; Beyonce and Jay Z won best Album of the Year for “Everything is Love” and Best Collab, Duo or Group for their song “Apesh*t,” which also won Single of The Year; Childish Gambino won Best Hip-Hop Video and Impact Track for “This is America;” DJ Khaled as DJ of the year; WorldStar won for Best Hip Hop Online Site/App; Pharrell Williams as Producer of the Year; BlocBoy JB – Simi for Best Mixtape; and in a more controversial moment, XXXTentacion — who died this year from a gunshot wound in a robbery and has a history of abusing women — posthumously won for Best New Hip Hop Artist, with his mom, Cleo, accepting the award on his behalf.

But to no surprise, Cardi B was the biggest winner of the night, taking home four awards, for MVP of the Year, Sweet 16: Best Featured Verse for “Motorsport,” the Made-You-Look Award for Best Hip Hop Style and Hustler of the Year. And she celebrated her win the way Cardi does best — rapping and twerking her heart out.