So Fresh, So Clean: 9 Styling Hacks for Ballers

via Marco Verch / CC-BY-2.0

Getting ready in the morning can be tough as it is. Looking good can be even harder. As easy as it can be to fall to the temptation of rolling out of bed and walking out after a quick brush off, it is important to look presentable regardless of your plans for the day.

This doesn’t mean pushing yourself to meet the standards of those sharply dressed men in glossy fashion magazines, but a few simple adjustments can help you look just as dapper. Here are 9 styling hacks to help you look better!

1. No Iron? No Problem!

Not having an iron isn’t a good enough excuse to step out of the house in wrinkles. Not only does that look unattractive, but also it hints at the idea that you do not take proper care of yourself. Instead, make your own steamer with nothing more than a few ice cubes and a dryer.

Run the dryer on the high heat setting, which will allow for the ice cubes to melt and evaporate into a fine steam. This process will relax the wrinkles and make them look less obvious on the clothes.

2. Look Spiffy with Polished Shoes

The lazy man may forgo shoe polish due to the mess and effort it takes to get that shiny exterior finish on his dress shoes, but the smart man finds a more efficient method to achieve that same look.

Dress shoes are meant to top off any formal look, but if they’re all scuffed up, then they can be doing more harm than good. In a pinch, you can use olive oil to hide those fade marks, wipe the dirt away and leave the shoes looking nice and shiny.

3. Popping Collars Isn’t Cool

We’ve all had that one shirt with that pesky collar that simply won’t stay put. However, you don’t want to look like an outdated goof with your collar left up or with pointed corners. To prevent yourself from falling victim to this tacky look, invest in some double-sided tape.

Add strips of this tape to the stubborn areas of the underside of the collar so that they stay down and the tape stays hidden. Although this is an easy hack, consider investing in shirts that come with button down collars to avoid this problem.

4. Save Wardrobe Space

A cluttered wardrobe can make dressing up in the mornings take longer than necessary. To free up space, consider folding your clothes a little differently than normal. This method works best for casuals, as delicates should be hung on hangers to maintain their shape.

Rather than folding your t-shirts flat and stacking them on top of each other, try to fold them an extra step and organize them vertically, as if you were stocking a bookshelf. Not only will this method give you a quick snapshot of everything in your wardrobe, but it will also save space!

5. Fix Unwanted Shrinkage

Everyone hates taking clothes out of the dryer and realizing they threw in a delicate that shouldn’t have been in that pile. Now, your favorite sweater can barely fit over your head. Worry not, because with some hot water and conditioner, you can fix the problem!

Soak the article of clothing in the mixture for about five minutes before taking it out. While the fabric is still warm, start stretching the fabric back to its original size. This step will take time and patience, but be delicate with the clothing so that you don’t rip it.

6. Wash Your Jeans Properly

Jeans, particularly new ones, can create major problems in the wash if the dye starts leaking. Although denim blue is a flattering color, it probably won’t look good streaked across all your light-colored shirts and bottoms.

To prevent this from happening, wash your jeans inside out! Another pro-tip is this: don’t wash your jeans too often. No, we’re not saying you should go months without washing those crusty, dirty jeans, but there’s no need to wash visible clean jeans after every wear.

7. Fix Stuck Zippers

No one wants to be caught with his fly down. To save yourself from this embarrassment, stop fussing with stuck zippers and try this simple hack. Rub a candle or a bar of soap, anything that’s waxy, over the problem area of the zipper.

After doing this, you’ll find that the zipper will ride up with ease after being loosened up by the wax material.

8. Don’t Fuss with Ties Last Minute

One thing that differentiates a boy from a man is a man’s ability to properly tie a tie. If you still haven’t gotten the hang of it, use the help of online tutorials and videos to master this simple art.

Although it may be an easy task to get a hang of, the act of tying a tie can become a nuisance, especially during early mornings when you’re in a rush to get to work. You can avoid this frustration by pre-tying your ties the night before. It will make the task of getting ready the next morning so much easier, without compromising your style!

9. Don’t Throw Delicate Sweaters in the Dryer

Although tip number five can become pretty handy in these situations, it’s best to prevent your expensive sweaters from undergoing that torture in the first place. So, remember to separate your sweaters from other clothing when it comes time to move them from the washer to the dryer.

An alternative method to dry these sweaters is with a salad spinner. Spin it dry with as many cycles as deemed necessary and then lay the sweater out on a flat surface to dry.