Availability of Match Tickets for Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona was popularly known as El Clásico is fans favorite. When the two teams met each other in UEFA Champions League, the match was called “Match of the Century” by Spanish media.

Originally El Clásico only referred to matches played between these two clubs in Spanish tournaments. It is generalized now and is used for every match which includes these two teams. Popularity of this event can be accomplished by the fact that at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and Camp Nou, the home grounds for Real Madrid and FC Barcelona respectively has a ticket costing around 30 Euros tends to sell at a massive amount of 700 Euros, if you can get any, when these sides play each other on ground. This unavailability is when the capacity of Camp Nou is around 1 lakh, and Santiago Bernabéu Stadium is 80 thousand plus.

Real Madrid tickets for its fans at Santiago Bernabéu Stadium and Camp Nou means the same as it means for Barcelona’s fans. The fans of these clubs go by different names all around the globe. Los Blancos (The Whites) Los Merengues (The Meringues) Los Vikingos (The Vikings) are the names Real Madrid fans like to call themselves while Barcelona fans go by the name Barça or Blaugrana, Culés or Barcelonistas, Blaugranes or Azulgranas. The fans wait for the event to take place all year long. Fans from different parts of the world reach the host city for the event.

In 1943 when Barcelona played Real Madrid at home at Camp De Les Corts and beat the rival by 3 – 0, press and Madrid fans believed that two of three goals were conceded due to fans in the ground, which was unfair. After which Barcelona fans were deprived of Barcelona Real Madrid tickets for matches in Madrid for the next match of the league. Barçawas banned from going to Madrid. Barcelona was humiliated in the next match with a score of 11 – 1.

Stones were thrown at them as soon as they left their hotel on the day of next game. During the match the crowd shouted offensive words, throwing things at Barcelona players. Some of the things were fatal if it could have done serious injuries later the players stated. Real Madrid had already scored first two goals before half an hour. After the 3rd goal, Barcelona was left with ten players and conceded five goals before halftime resulting in 8 – 0 at halftime. The game established Madrid as dictators while Barcelona as the victims. This can be established by the emotion of fans as well as players. Some players even claim that there was no rivalry between the clubs till this match.

Barcelona Madrid tickets don’t just represent football, and they are ways to support their ideas. The reason for which their club stands. These teams represent the opposite nature of beliefs. On the one hand, Real Madrid is considered to be “Conservative” as opposed to “The Rebellious Club,” i.e., Barcelona. In Catalonia, people and political groups overwhelmingly favor Barcelona. Still, Real Madrid is number 1 supported team in Spain as per polls by CIS followed by Barcelona in the second place.

Supporters of both teams are eager to show their love and support by cheering them in the stadium. The craze seen among fans in El Clásico can be overwhelming for football fans all over the globe. Not just people from different parts of Spain, but people from all over the world reach the host city to enjoy their clash on the ground.

Apart from teams, players in the clubs also affect the availability of Real Madrid tickets. In recent past rivalries between players like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo also gave a hike to enthusiasm among fans. The excitement of watching the match of the best players of their time against the fiercest rival club became the reason of high demand of these tickets among fans. Not just these players recent signing of Luis Suárez and Neymar to Barcelona, and Benzema and Gareth Bale to Real Madrid took the rivalry to the next level. The rivalry of the club and the individual player was expanded to the whole attacking trio. People called this rivalry as BBC (Benzema, Bale, Cristiano) against MSN (Messi, Suárez, Neymar).

During most of the times, one or more of the world’s most dominant players are a part of this fan-favorite club. Currently, Lionel Messi is a member of Barcelona and the all-time highest scorer of El Clásico event with a total of 26 Goals. Not just in El Clásico, he is one of the top contenders of all time best footballer. A few months earlier Cristiano Ronaldo, the biggest rival of this all-time greatest player compete with him in El Clásico. Fans couldn’t stop their euphoria of watching this match.

Back in days, Ronaldinho played for Barcelona who was one of the most skillful players of all time. He was one of the few who got their biggest, fiercest rivals supporters to give him standing ovation after the match. Alfredo Di Stéfano, one of the best players in football history, once played for both teams for a year alternatively because of some confusion. Finally, he was moved to Real Madrid. He proved to be a decisive factor in many of their clashes. These world-class players and their intensity in these classes attract football fans all over the globe, making Barcelona Real Madrid tickets very costly and unavailable to fans in the nick of time. To get the tickets in advance and be the spectator of the historical match as well as to be overwhelmed with tremendous feelings, follow the link: https://www.seats4sure.com/.

If you are a fan of El Clásico, you must be aware and rush to get them when they are available for sale. If you are not aware, they can prove to be costlier than they already are in case you can find a way to get them. These tickets of matches between these clubs are a rare event, and nobody wants to miss them. Eventually, fans barge their way into lines at the stadium and online to possess the ticket to their dream event.