Here’s a first look at new U.S.-based luxury streetwear brand Dovert. Founded by entrepreneur Neil Korf, the brand makes its debut with a series of capsule collections.

Dovert (pronounced Doh-vair) is inspired by the universally celebrated traits of rebelliousness, self-expression and breaking of barriers found within the world of Autosport. The name itself is rooted in the concept of speed, stemming from the mathematical formula: Distance Over Time, often abbreviated as D/T (D Over T).

For its launch, Dovert rolls out three collections (called Speed Merchants, The Infinite Apex, and Dovert Lifestyle) that pay homage to the trailblazers of the past, with vintage elements and style for both race fans and non-race fans alike. Designs and phrases include those from the estates of James Dean and his automotive stylist, Dean Jeffries, as well as that of legendary Uruguayan driver, Gonzalo “Gonchi” Rodriguez.

“We are thrilled to bring a new genre of streetwear to the market,” says Korf. “Dovert is about subtlety in the context of adrenaline and heart-racing thrills. We showcase that with our premium fabrics and top-tier production and manufacturing.”

Dovert’s initial collection is available now at the brand’s online store at