Kevin Hart Loses It On Jimmy Fallon When “Crocodile Hunter” Son Brings Out Crazy Lizard

Kevin Hart is a pro at breaking the internet when it comes to making talk show appearances.

The comedian, 39, was clickbait catnip once again on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon recently when he was shrieking in horror and hiding from the exotic animals that his fellow guest, Robert Irwin — the 14-year-old son of the deceased Conservationist nicknamed “The Crocodile Hunter”, Steven Irwin — was showing off, straight from the Australia Zoo.

“This is how black people die in horror movies,” Hart said, who was there promoting his new movie Night School.

This nearly 15-minute long video has racked up 84 million views on the show’s Facebook page.

It seems every time Hart appears on a talk-show host’s stage, he creates internet gold by being himself — a fun, loud-mouthed, business, career and fitness-focused man, who either makes fun of the white-talk show hosts for being nerdy and un-cool, or is made fun of by his more suave co-stars like Ice Cube and Dwayne Johnson. Take his appearance on Fallon: The Rock ignored Hart’s FaceTime call, but then answered Fallon’s FaceTime just moments later, complaining about how annoying Hart is. And if Hart’s not causing laughs on the stage, it’s during a pre-taped sketch of him often doing something ‘normal’ with the host.

Remember when Hart and Ice-Cube took a Lyft ride with Conan O’Brien four years ago while they were promoting Ride-Along? That video has 46 million views on YouTube. It was preceded by a video of them two years later promoting the sequel and hopping in the car with O’Brien and one of his staffers, who was a student driver at the time. At one point in that clip, Hart hears sirens goes off and immediately tries to jump out of the car, thinking it’s the police. That video has 66 million views on YouTube.

Or when Fallon and Hart rode a roller coaster together four years ago? 82 million YouTube views. The same duo visiting a haunted house racked up 28 million views on YouTube. Even his Drop the Mic episode on The Late Late Show With James Corden two years ago has 20 million views.

It seems all Hart has to do is participate in a goofy segment or tell a wild story, like his drunken mission to hold the SuperBowl trophy or how his dad stole a dog, and he becomes a viral sensation he next day.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Hart hosted his own talk-show one day. It’d be called Hart Talk Live. One guest we can be sure won’t be making an appearances? Any member of the Irwin family and their brood of lizards.