Expect To See This Reversible Gucci Poncho A Lot This Fall/Winter Season

reversible Gucci poncho

Participants in the culture are fully aware that Dapper Dan is the reason for the current resurgence of the high fashion brand, Gucci. The ‘gatekeepers’ of the brand have finally granted the streetwear legend access to their archives and design palettes and the results have helped the label rise back to prominence. Now, with Gucci back at the forefront of high fashion, the Italian luxury apparel staple is preparing to release an onslaught of new Fall/Winter clothing options for the upcoming seasons. This will include the never-before-seen Reversible Gucci Poncho that will most likely find its way on the backs of some of the most renowned figures in the culture.

The free-flowing Reversible Gucci Poncho feature dimensions of 52″ x 71″ and is constructed out of 100% wool. One side of the poncho features a black base complete with large-scale contemporary ‘GG’ pattern that has become widely popularized by the brand, while the other side features a contrasting red, white, and blue tartan print. The lapel of the poncho allows for both designs to be visible while decorative fringe trim is found across the hemline of the garment.

Despite the stark contrast and non-formfitting aesthetic, the Reversible Gucci Poncho will definitely be doing numbers this fall/winter. For those interested in copping the ’18 Fall/Winter Reversible Gucci Poncho, you can do so via Gucci’s online store, here, for a retail price tag of $1,200. With that said, drop your thoughts on Gucci’s latest apparel option in the comment section.