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Diesel, the Italian clothing brand famous for their denim, came under fire this past weekend when they cast rapper, Nicki Minaj, in their anti-bullying campaign.

Yes, the same Nicki Minaj who made headlines a few weeks ago for getting into a public spat with her nemesis, Cardi B.

Many have found this an odd choice. Even if the Fashion Week incident was completely Cardi B’s fault, Minaj has a long history of being combative, even sending her fanbase after those she felt has slighted her.

First there was culture writer, Wanna Thompson, who gave some constructive criticism to the rapper about incorporating more mature content into Minaj’s music.

Minaj’s fanbase, called the Barbz, mercilessly and relentless attacked Thompson, calling her all types of graphic names, even finding pictures of Thompson’s very young daughter and attacked her appearance.

Around the same time, Jerome Trammel, a pop culture critic, who had criticized the rapper’s hypocrisy after she did an interview with Elle expressing her disdain for Instagram models, was viciously attacked by Minaj who ordered her fanbase to do so as well. Trammel has since decided to sue. 

Minaj was also a bit upset when her fourth album, Queen, didn’t debut at #1, coming in second place to Travis Scott’s Astroworld.  Minaj attacked everyone from Scott, to his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner and their child together, Stormi (who is still a toddler, at best.)

All this just went down in the last few months and is still fresh in the minds of hip-hop lovers, making it even stranger that Diesel decided to include Minaj in its cyber-bullying campaign.

Minaj , who appears in the advert along with rapper, Gucci Mane and Bella Thorne, helped to design the shirt and jacket she’s wearing labeled “The Bad Guy.”

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Perhaps this is Minaj’s way of turning over a new leaf. Time will tell.