Aubrey & The Three Amigos Tour
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It has been a little over a week since I witnessed the pure greatness that is Aubrey Graham. Earlier this month, at the Capital One Arena in Washington D.C., I, alongside my family and friends, walked into the arena READY for the greatness we were about to experience.

By the time we got to our seats, Migos were starting their set. As usual, Migos brought the flashy rockstar vibes, the high charisma, and the braggadocious demeanor that we have all come to know and love! The trio performed for almost roughly an hour before there was a brief intermission to get the crowd ready for Drake. Showing no signs of fatigue, they delivered in the best way possible, performing hits such as “Narcos,” “Supastars,” “Stir Fry,” “Kelly Price,” “Deadz,” “Bad and Boujee,” Gucci Mane’s “I Get the Bag,” and much more! They looked like these high fashioned, super rich, power rangers. Their delivery and flow were literally flawless as they got the crowd ready for the amazing night to come. As if some sort of symbiotic dependency, it was as if the crowd gave them energy and they fed it back into us. The stage was set in the center of the arena and for Migos set they had cubes placed on the stage with one huge one in the center and several cubes on the side. The cubes lit up, pyro erupted around the stage while various visuals and displays that sporadically jumped on each cube. The design was truly amazing.

As time progressed, Migos eventually departed the stage (they did return later on in the show to perform with Drake) and there was a brief intermission. Instantly, the lights went out and there was darkness amongst the arena until some sort of special effects sheet dropped to cover the stage and a holographic visual of Drake floating displayed. The fans went into an utter uproar. Still hidden from the crowd, Drake then began to rap the lyrics to “8 Out Of 10” as fans desperately awaited his arrival to the stage.

“Aye D.C, what the f**k is up,” Drake yelled. He kept the high momentum going straight into “Mob Ties.” Drake performed literally EVERY track you think of for nearly two hours straight, no stops, or interruptions! He performed over 30 different songs from each of his albums (“Started From the Bottom,” “Energy,” “Nice For What,” “I’m Upset,” “Hotline Bling,” “God’s Plan,” “Controlla,” “Nonstop,” “In My Feelings,” “One Dance,” “Over,” “Know Yourself,” “All Me,” and even more). He even performed the tracks that he featured on too, such as Lil Baby’s “Yes Indeed,” Gucci Mane’s “Both,” Fetty Wap’s, “My Way,” Rihanna’s, “Work,” BlocBoy JB’s “Look Alive,” and Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode!” Drake really was feeling himself and even started to perform the late Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You,” as the stage was filled with fog. The boy gave a true SHOW.

Migos returned back to the stage to team up with Drizzy and perform “Walk It Talk it” and “Versace.” They also performed their major hit, “Motorsport” and the crowd went insane. Drake also kept the energy high by selecting a random concertgoer to shoot a half-court shot for a chance to win $25,000! With the crowd backing him up, the guy unfortunately missed but Drake did award him with an authentic jersey before continuing his set. There were many moments throughout the show where Drake heavily interacted with the crowd. For example, as he performed “Jaded,” he sang to a fan in the crowd as the ladies cheered her on. He also danced and let the crowd hype him up.

He thanked D.C. over and over for giving him amazing energy and always showing love every time he arrives here. He ended the show with God’s Plan but before the song wrapped up he took some time to shed light on the state of the political climate and also spread positivity on how concerts as such bring people of all races and colors together. “We’re here, having a good time, listening to music and enjoying ourselves. So I want you to recognize what’s going on around you because I’m going to tell you. No matter what anyone says to you, even if it’s the mother f***ing President of the United States, this is how the world is supposed to work – right here in this building in D.C. tonight and I love you for that!” After his short speech fireworks exploded and confetti massively dropped to the ground as the fans and Drake celebrated the end of yet another amazing tour.

Aubrey & The Three Amigos Tour

He then shared that once the tour was done he would be going right back into the studio to create his next album! “So in case you didn’t know what you were watching tonight, I go by the name of Drake by the way and I got a little bit of tour left, so I’m going to get that out of the way. I’m going to go spend some time with my friends and family and then because we’ve been doing this for 10 years D.C., you know what I’m going to do next, I’m going straight to the studio and making some new music so we can be right back here in D.C. I love you with all my heart!”

Aubrey & The Three Amigos Tour

Overall the concert was FLAWLESS. Not only did my family, friends, and I get to witness Drake, we saw him front row on the floor! It was truly an unforgettable experience and was one of the best nights of my life. It was my first time seeing Drake but it most definitely will not be the last! It felt unreal at some moments of the show. Drake literally stood in front of our eyes and even made eye contact with us several times. We sang, rapped, made new friends, and danced in what felt like a mosh pit on the floor. I was so shocked and impressed to see how well Drizzy interacted with the crowd. He walked over to each side of the stage multiple times. He spoke to fans, looked at them, touched them and more. There are not many who possess the skill to command a stage for such a long period of time as Drake did, and he did it effortlessly.

He also made a personal connection with D.C. as he spoke about how the city was one of the first places he toured early on in his career and all of the incredible love the city showed him. He even took a shot out of a red solo cup on stage as a toast to the crowd. He was so free and at peace with himself. As a fan and viewer, you could really just see Drake having fun with his craft. His rapping matched the same audio from the albums, his delivery was even greater than the albums, and his energy radiated onto the fans. He showed more layers to her personality and really connected with us as much as we wanted to connect with him. He had about two outfit changes. The first outfit consisted of a John Wall jersey (it’s D.C. it’s only right) and then the next outfit change consisted of all black with a black vest. His stage design was IMMACULATE. There were so many visuals and displays that surrounded the stage to match the energy and appeal of each and every song he performed. He even had a yellow Ferarri floating in the air as he performed his verse to “Yes Indeed.” He had pyro and fire, flawless dancers, and of course a noteworthy motivational moment to remind everyone about the bigger picture at hand. You can say whatever you want about Drake but you cannot take away from his artistry. The guy is incredibly talented and a true performer.

Thank you so very much, Drake.