Most Frequented Phone Apps and Services For College Students of 2018

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As college students, we often find ourselves glued to our cell phones. If the battery dies or we accidentally leave it at home and on charge, it feels like we have lost an arm. Major panic and fear of missing out ensues if we do not have access to our phones. How will we pass time in lectures without texting friends across the room about the Professor’s unsightly haircut? How dreadful would it be if we could not upload images of our perfect pumpkin lattes to Instagram?

Though our phones are a great tool for procrastinating, socializing and keeping up to date with our friends off campus, they actually do also have some pretty good uses for study related activities. There are plenty of useful apps that students can use to help themselves academically, and many of those have become very popular over the last 12 months.

6 Best Phone Apps and Services for College Students – 2018

Any Do – A Handy Activity Planner App
Time management is a critical skill that we need to learn and develop as college students and which often gets overlooked or underestimated in terms of its importance. The app simply lets you create a “to-do” list for each day of the week. Once you complete a task on the list, place a tick next to it and you are done! If certain tasks are not achieved by the end of the day (let’s be honest, sometimes we get a little over-ambitious when crafting task lists and forget that we are not superman!), the app automatically moves a manageable amount of tasks over to the next day. This app is great for ensuring that we don’t fall behind with coursework deadlines, helping us break projects down into smaller, more manageable chunks and of course, making sure that no personal errands are forgotten either.

Just lately it feels like anyone and everyone is talking about Grammarly and for good reason: This is one of the best apps for college students that is available out there. Grammarly was previously a desktop tool that was available to be installed for free on computers to check spelling and grammar. At the end of December 2017, the mobile version of the app was rolled out and it quickly became one of the most downloaded apps for college students. Grammarly has been referred to numerous times as being the most accurate grammar checker. You don’t have to be an English major to experience the benefits of Grammarly. Even those who simply need a little assistance in writing better essays and emails will benefit.

Essay Pro
Essay writing services are invaluable for the busy college student, or the student who has an excellent grasp of his/her major yet has difficulty in conveying their understanding in the written form. Far from being a shortcut or a way of “cheating” through studies, professional essay writers utilize notes and references provided by students in order to formulate well-written, well-researched essays that perfectly demonstrate the student’s knowledge of their subject matter. The paper writing service EssayPro offers a fast turnaround on assignments and always submits work ahead of the student’s deadline. This means that you can rely on these services for help when work has been forgotten and left until the last minute, or when you want to impress a Tutor by submitting work early.

Easy Bib
Writing assignments and theses is time-consuming enough as it is, however what really bumps up the amount of time each project takes is conducting thorough research and gathering references to use throughout the content. It can actually feel sometimes as though you can spend hours and hours trawling around the internet and the college library trying to find a single useful quote. Fortunately, Easybib is an app that helps college students find references and resources for a diverse array of topics within each major.

Revising and preparing for an examination is difficult. Repetition is a proven way of helping you to remember material ready for your exam and by drilling and repeating the same things over and again they become easier to remember. Flashcards are a great way to remember material for an exam. Today however, technology has become so advanced that you really do not need to spend time cutting up card and fiddling around with pieces of paper. Instead, you can download flash card sets using mobile apps or even create your own! Brainscape offers sets of flashcards covering a wide variety of topics. It is also possible to create your own flashcards using this app.

If you were looking for an app that is the ultimate in study preparation – the creme de la creme of revision if you will, Evernote would be it. Evernote combines many of the functions of different study apps together into one place and one centralized location. Virtually every approach imaginable that you may take towards tackling your revision can be utilized with Evernote. As an example, if you want to keep an electronic record of your study notes then great! You can jot them down on Evernote. Want to create schedules, to-do lists or audio recordings to help you along? No problem! All of that can be done via Evernote. The app is free to download and use, though a premium version with additional features is also available.

The best thing about the apps and services mentioned on this list is that the majority are free to use. It is 2018 guys and long gone are the days where students need to spend an arm and a leg on study materials and books, or amble back and forth to the college library stacked up with notebooks, books and post-its. Today, practically everything can be done from one handy central place – your smartphone! The apps listed within this article are a surefire way to achieve study success. Gone also are the days where you have to revise from the stuffy college library. Since many apps are also available offline, you can charge up your cellphone, fire up the apps and study from a park or other beautiful location.