Controversial Ex-ESPN Anchor Jemele Hill to Narrate LeBron James Documentary

Photo Credit: World Vide News

LeBron James has a new documentary coming out on Showtime, titled Shut Up and Dribble. The name actually throws a bit of shade at Fox News anchor and white supremist sympathizer Laura Ingraham, who said that James and other NBA players needed to “shut up and dribble” and stay out of politics.

Unlike the NFL, the NBA has expectations and encourages its players to be socially aware and active, as the leageu realizes that players are also people with opinions about the country they are citizens in.

Jemele Hill has been quite vocal in her assessment and criticism with the current administration. Last September, she made a series of tweets calling the president a white supremacist, which prompted a statement from ESPN claiming that Hill’s tweets were not a reflection on the network. Hill apologized for bringing ESPN into it and ended up getting a two-week suspension.

Hill made a lot people mad with her tweets and refusal to apologize, so a week after ESPN got a new president, Hill got canned.

Obviously, she landed on her feet, as she was announced as the narrator for the upcoming LeBron James documentary about a week after she was let go at ESPN. Hill continues to remain vocal about the current political climate.

“I think LeBron, like a lot of people, has been very frustrated by the behavior of this administration,” Hill told The Hollywood Reporter. “[Black Americans] feel very insulted and vulnerable within this time because of who’s in charge.”

James is why the NBA encourages activism in their players; his I Promise School is the first of its kind in innovation and inception. It’s aimed at helping low-income children and has made it another goal to uplift woman, especially black women. Hill suggests this is why he asked her to narrate.

“Lately LeBron has talked about gender and wanting to uplift and position black women in particular,” says Hill. “I get the sense that this is all part of that. He was raised by a black woman, he is married to a black woman and he is raising a black woman (daughter Zhuri, 3). If you look at the societal ladder, black women remain on the lowest rung. He clearly understands that we are facing a unique battle. It means a lot that he understands the intricacies of that.”

Shut up and Dribble premieres in November on Showtime.