Kanye West Moving Back to Chicago & “Is Never Leaving”

Kanye West
via Diego Quintana / CC-BY-SA-2.0

Kanye West announced last week that he would be moving back to Chicago full-time.

During an event with Chance the Rapper, Ye said that while he’s not abandoning Los Angeles, but is planning to move back to the windy city and is never leaving.

Initially sounding like one of his impulses, reports said Kanye and wife, Kim Kardashian West, have already picked out a Chicago home. Kim and the couple’s three children will not be joining him though, opting to stay in their Calabasas home in Los Angeles. This isn’t all that strange though. Over the course of their six-year relationship, the couple is apart more often than not. Perhaps one of the reasons West is moving back is to try to rectify what’s left of his relationship with childhood friend and ex-partner Che Smith (aka Rhymefest), concerning Donda’s House.

Donda’s House is named after West’s mother, who died in 2017 from complications following plastic surgery. After her passing, West, Smith, and Smith’s wife, started Donda’s House, a non-profit charity for Chicago youth in her honor. This was a project the late West had been working on before her death and during Ye’s childhood, which she kept the doors opened to his peers that needed love, wisdom or support.

Back in May, Smith tweeted out that West had abandoned the house and asking rapper, Drake, for some help.

Kardashian West took umbrage with Smith’s claim and accused Smith of incompetently running Donda’s House, using West for fame and then threatened to take over the charity.

Smith, completely done with the situation, issued a rather scathing letter to Kardashian West and said that he will be changing the name of Donda’s House.

Maybe West is moving to do damage control or maybe he misses his hometown. Or both. Either way, he’s back.