Introducing REVTOWN: Denim With the Performance of Athletic Gear


Here’s a first look at new denim brand REVTOWN, a company born in Pittsburgh. with the goal to deliver the first true performance denim.

Created by a team that left Under Armour after a decade spent honing their product, REVTOWN offers denim with great quality and a near-perfect fit for half the price we’re accustomed to from usual premium denim brands.

The brand says their denim is designed with the performance and comfort of an athletic pant, but with the look and feel of your favorite pair of jeans. The secret is something they call Decade Denim — a soft, super strong yarn made in Italy that is constructed into the pant for a stretch fit.

Another highlight is their Digital Tailor, which REVTOWN says will get your size with 96% accuracy… all with just four clicks.

Currently, Revtown has three signature offerings: the Sharp Denim, which is a slim fit jean; the Automatic, a mobile and forgiving fit; and the Khaki Jean, which is their take on the old classic.

REVTOWN actually send us over a pair to try out, and we can definitely say they are worth the price of admission. From the feel of the jean to touch to the way they fit, they are a unique product that doesn’t disappoint. The digital tailor is actually very accurate as well.

Give them a try for yourself at