Eminem Fires Back at Machine Gun Kelly With “KILLSHOT”

Eminem Fires Back at Machine Gun Kelly With KILLSHOT

After taking a shot at Machine Gun Kelly on his Kamikaze album, Eminem was on the receiving end of a full diss track from MGK that got a lot of attention and praise.

Just over a week after MGK’s “Rap Devil” dropped, Em delivers a response track called “KILLSHOT”.

On the song, EM response to MGK’s jabs at him being old, admitting the fact, but adding that he’s way bigger and outsells him by a longshot.

“‘Slim you’re old’ / Ow, Kelly, ooh, but I’m 45 and I’m still outselling you / By 29 I had three albums that had blew… / I’d rather be 80-year-old me than 20-year-old you.”

Later, he drops some controversial and tongue-in-cheek bars like: “The day you put out a hit’s the day Diddy admits that he put the hit out that got Pac killed / Oh, and I’m just playin’, Diddy. You know I love you.”