In the latest episode of “Sneaker Shopping”, Cavs guard J.R. Smith stops by NYC’s Stadium Goods and talks sneakers, among other topics.

In addition to talking about his footwear for memorable dunks, Smith also talks about the Supreme tattoo that had all the hypebeasts talking and his thoughts on LeBron leaving Cleveland for Los Angeles.

“Yea, absolutely,” he said, when asked if he will still wear LeBron’s sneaker now that he’s in L.A. “I’ve had bad relationships with people who’ve had their own signature shoe and still wore their shoe. I just tell em, I look better in it. Yea, [LeBron is] my brother. I’ll always wear his shoe.”

Regarding his Supreme tattoo, Smith says he wasn’t paid to make the endorsement in ink… and did it simply because it represents him. “That’s who I am. That’s why I am who I am. I got a lot of great responses. I got a lot of bad feedback… from the trolls.”

At the end of the episode, J.R. drops more than $4,000 on kicks and some Supreme gear and accessories. Watch to see what he cops.