HUF Continues Journey through Japan for Fall 2018

HUF Fall 2018

Skate brand HUF steps outside the city and expands on their exploration through Japan for their second delivery of Fall 2018.

Contrary to the vibrant neon lights and underground nightlife featured in Delivery 1, HUF embraces the ambiance of traditional Japan for Delivery 2, exploring Zen gardens and timeless tea rooms… all while accompanied by world champion sumo wrestler, Yama, who appears in the lookbook.

The collection features pieces with a subdued color palette, but energized by subtle color pops. We see rich gradients of blue, inspired by traditional Japanese dyes meet the muted reds, tobacco tones, and luxurious jades encountered in ancient temples.

The graphic themes are culled from vintage tourist tees, souvenir paraphernalia, exotic sign typography and seedy bars, which are expressed through screen and puff prints, high density inks, and tonal gels across styles like the Sayonara Coaches Jacket, Case Closed Tie Dye Tee, and Stick-N-Poke Tee, recording the ephemeral experiences of back alley moments on the roads.

The HUF Fall 2018 collection is available now at HUF flagship stores, HUF online, and HUF retailers worldwide.